Watch out this week!

sugar addict 180 Watch out this week!Holidays can be the toughest time for a sugar addict and for someone that really struggles with cravings. Especially the “holiday” Thursday because the entire theme is candy and sugar so watch out!

I used to use it as an excuse to go pig out, everyone else is doing it, right?

Well that is what it was, was an excuse. Why would I gorge of thousands of calories of chocolate and sugar only to feel sick and disgusting afterwards just because it’s a “holiday”? That doesn’t make any sense.

So not only before and during but after, when they try to push all those sales of 50% off all the junk they didn’t sell during the big push. I used to tell myself I needed to get that stuff because it was on sale. Oh whatever!

Someone who is an addict will always come up with a “reason” of why they are doing it.

I encourage you to do something different this year. CHOOSE NOT to gorge before, during or after it.

Make a decision to respect your body and not do that. Now I know some of you are going to have read this already and have already gorged. This is not about making you feel bad, this is about getting up, dusting yourself off and starting over!

Of course if you need a plan, I made a 14 day program just for you. I get emails constantly of the people that this has helped to change their life! You can read about it here. Talk to you soon! And hey if you haven’t been on my Facebook page yet what is