Valentine’s Day – Love Yourself

iStock love heart1 300x199 Valentines Day   Love YourselfI used to use this “holiday” as an excuse to gorge on chocolate.  And the day after with all of those sales.  Those days are over, thank GOD!  Today, I had no sugar or chocolate.  Why?  Not because I can’t but because I don’t want to.  I am done with that road, I am tired of the end it ALWAYS brings!

So I encourage you, learn to love yourself without sugar.  Gorging on that stuff is not loving yourself.  If it was, then why does it hurt you?  Physically and emotionally.  Its an illusion.  We think we are “treating” ourselves but for someone who struggles with a sugar addiction, its not treat…its downright torture of what follows.

Keep in mind, if you don’t struggle with sugar, then eating it is no big deal to you.  But to those of us who do struggle with it, it is like a drug and you just better be careful if you open that door with that “one innocent cookie”.  Next thing you know, you are hooked again, gorging until you feel sick.  Sound familiar?

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