Thomas Kinkade Death

thomas kinkade death his painting 300x225 Thomas Kinkade DeathI was shocked when I was in church on Easter today and heard of Thomas Kinkade’s death.  Mostly because I know he is a young guy and that he is one of the most popular artist’s in this nation, it is said that 1 in 20 people have one of his paintings hanging in their homes.

I also was saddened because he was an amazing painter, called “The Painter of Light” not only because he was a Christian and many times painted Biblical messages into his paintings but also because of the pastel colors he used and magnificant displays of color.

So what does this have to do with a sugar addiction?  Well unfortunately, after looking into it, which I did not know, apparently Thomas Kinkade had a challenge with alcohol and was known to “really eat”, if you know what I mean.  Also by his pictures I see that he is overweight.

My point about mentioning Thomas Kinkade’s death is that our choices have consequences.  Here this guy was an AMAZING painter, it is said his paintings were bringing in 100 million in sales a year, yet he is dead as of Good Friday, Apil 6th 2012.  Its odd, its just bizarre all of these famous people that have died lately from Whitney Houston to Michael Jackson, to now Thomas Kinkades’ death.

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They are going to do an autopsy Monday to find the real cause of Thomas Kinkade’s death but right now its stated its natural causes. Well from what I read about him and by what I see by looking at him, it will be highly unlikely it was not related to the choices he possibly made on a daily basis with food or alcohol.

Our choices afffect our outcome in life and Thomas Kinkade had so many more amazing paintings he could of painted and now he is gone from this earth forever!  What is your destiny God has you fulfilling? What will not be done if you die early because of your choices?  Who and what family members will be left behind to suffer your loss?

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