Thanksgiving and Sugar – oh my!

Holidays are a sugar addicts dream and nightmare at the same time.  You daydream about all the goodies you are going to get to eat, maybe some things you haven’t had in a while.  You even may think about it all day and plan how you are going to gorge on the sugar and feed that sugar addiction.   Yet there is that other side of this sugar fix, the crash, the feeling weird, the wondering what you just did.  You go up, then down.  Then meander around for your next fix to calm down those flames of the sugar addiction burning inside of you.

thanksgiving buffet Thanksgiving and Sugar   oh my!So how do you guard yourself and not let this turn into an all out fest?  Well, its important to focus on how you are going to actually feel when you are done with that experience.  Sit and project yourself mentally in the future, by an hour or so.  How are you going to feel?  How is your face going to look?  Will you be sittng up tall or kind of slumped over?  Will you be happy that you have gorged or will you feel ill?  If you feel ill, how does that affect the rest of the night and the bonding with your family?  What could you do different this year to not “go off” and eat everything in site?  Those are all good questions to ask.  I think prayer can help a lot as well.  So pray before you go, bring some gum if you need it and start to try and practice some self control.  It takes practice.  However, if you are in the midst of a sugar addiction then that is why its called an addiction because even if your will says no, your body says, “Get out of the way, I am getting it even if I know its going to harm me.”  That my friend is when you might notice that you really are a sugar addict.

How do you know if you even are a sugar addict? Take “The Quiz”, click here.

Most of all I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy time with your family, if you will be with any.  Don’t feel all weirded out if you have sugar, just pay attention to the process, study it… your thoughts that led up to the temptation, how fast you ate the food and how you feel afterwards.  Getting in touch with those things can have a huge impact.