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Sugar Cravings DO Go Away

When I was in the midst of my sugar cravings, I sure didn’t think they would ever go away but the good news is THEY DO!  When you get sugar out of your body, and yes you might have a slight sugar addiction detox, then you typically won’t crave sugar anymore (unless you have somethings out of whack with the… READ FULL STORY »

Sugar Cravings and Valentine’s Day

One of the things I used to use as an EXCUSE to feed my sugar cravings, were holidays, especially ones based around chocolate like Valentine’s Day.  Okay I am actually going to be vulnerable here to you, you who are part of the 9114 a MONTH of those addicted to sugar  that visit this blog. I am going to show you some of… READ FULL STORY »

New Year and Overcoming a Sugar Addiction

The New Year is here, did you set a goal to overcome your sugar addiction?  If so, how is it going?  If you are anything like I used to be, I would do really good for about a day, then totally blow it, feel ashamed, frustrated and unable to break being a sugar addict, be full of more sugar cravings… READ FULL STORY »

Addicted to Sugar

Sure you like sugar but are you actually addicted to sugar?  I know I was a sugar feen for most of my life but I certainly didn’t think I was a sugar addict.  I thought I just loved the flavor of it and it became such a part of my life that it’s what I ate when I wanted it,… READ FULL STORY »

Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

Now that we talked about why you have sugar withdrawals, let’s talk about what the symptoms are.  After coming off of sugar over 50 times myself and helping hundreds to the same, I have found that sugar addicts actually have different symptoms when they are coming off of sugar. And I don’t really like to give you a long list… READ FULL STORY »