New Year and Overcoming a Sugar Addiction

The New Year is here, did you set a goal to overcome your sugar addiction?  If so, how is it going?  If you are anything like I used to be, I would do really good for about a day, then totally blow it, feel ashamed, frustrated and unable to break being a sugar addict, be full of more sugar cravings and feel totally controlled again, not knowing how I was ever going to break out of this ridiculous cycle.

Balloon Lantern Fireworks by piyato1 New Year and Overcoming a Sugar Addiction

The questions I encourage you to ask yourself is:

1)     How much longer am I willing to struggle with this sugar addiction?

2)     Are there any unresolved issues with my past that contribute to me continuing to abuse myself?  (because its not just about being a sugar addict, there is so much more to it than that)

3)     What am I afraid of to really overcome this sugar addiction?

4)     Why do I like sugar so much?

Questions for a Sugar Addiction

These types of questions can really help you get more in touch with what you are dealing with.  Remember, you probably found this site because you think you might be or you know you are dealing with a sugar addiction, the best thing to do is take this quiz real quick to see if you really are.  Click here to take the quiz now.

I struggled with a sugar addiction for 30 years and it took me awhile to overcome it, if you haven’t heard my story, click here.  It was asking powerful questions like the ones above to help get me more in tune to what I was really dealing with.  Be patient with yourself, this is a process, not a one-time event.  Do you think someone that is an alcoholic quits drinking alcohol one day and says, “That’s it, I am done.”  And never thinks about alcohol, or has to guard themselves where there is alcohol?  Nope, that its not how it happens.

When you are dealing with overcoming a sugar addiction, it can take some time.  If you haven’t checked out my 14 day solution to starting this process, check this out.  The goal is to get the ball rolling so you can no longer have sugar cravings and stop running around like a junkie looking for a fix (that is how I used to live my life).

You can do this, get some help… don’t try to break this sugar addiction alone,its easier when you have help