Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

Now that we talked about why you have sugar withdrawals, let’s talk about what the symptoms are.  After coming off of sugar over 50 times myself and helping hundreds to the same, I have found that sugar addicts actually have different symptoms when they are coming off of sugar. And I don’t really like to give you a long list of negative things to “expect” because maybe none of these will happen to you, only one of them or a bunch of them.  It can be helpful to be kind of prepared though so you don’t think something weird is happening while you are breaking this sugar addiction.  Check out this one great tool, a free video that I made for you called The 3 Mistakes Sugar Addicts Make and How to Avoid Them. Here is a list of the sugar withdrawals I personally experienced and those I have seen come off sugar and keep in mind they usually only last for a few days if even that:

List of Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

  1. Feeling sad or down.  I will admit, this is then number one thing I would experience when I would come off sugar.  But have hope, it would only last a few days, thank God!  That is one thing that really motivated me to stay away from sugar because I hate feeling sad and it started to not be worth it, the trade-off of having sugar to being really down for a few days.  For me I know this is a major sugar withdrawal because I do NOT experience sadness on a regular basis, only when I am coming off sugar.  Its very important if you struggle with depression already, that you guard yourself against this and make sure are aware of this.  The good news is, I have seen many people who struggle with moodiness and depression GREATLY improve when they no longer have a sugar addiction.  Personally I think a lot of people who struggle with this would see an improvement when they sugar withdrawal 300x225 Sugar Withdrawal Symptomsbreak the sugar addiction.
  2. Headaches.  I personally never had this sugar withdrawal but I have heard some say they do.
  3. Fatigue. If you have been jacked up on sugar all the time, your body is used to that rush but you have also really stressed out your adrenal glands, which can make you more tired.  The ironic thing is, since I no longer am a sugar addict if I do have sugar, I am so tired that night, it literally puts me to sleep.  I really can’t believe it!  And when I wake up the next day, I almost feel hung over I am so tired.  I never realized that as much when I ate sugar all the time.
  4. Sleep patterns affected.  Remember you are detoxing off a poisonous substance that is toxic so you are going to be detoxing as it gets out of your body.  If you were addicted to sugar, your body was all out of whack from having blood sugar spikes to insulin surges and your body needs some time to balance back out.
  5. Sugar cravings. Now this one is the obvious side effect.  Once you stop eating sugar, one sugar withdrawal can be ridiculously intense cravings for it.  Remember, you may be stopping something that has been a habit of yours for 20 years so give yourself a break!  Its normal to crave something that has been a part of your life for so long not only mentally but physically as well.  Be encouraged that sugar cravings DO go away.

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One of the most important things about breaking a sugar addiction is learning how to think differently about sugar and how you resist temptation in your life.  Because if you get off sugar but don’t know how to stay off it, that is something that can be very frustrating.  If you want to check out a free internet seminar I am doing click here or go to  

Be on the lookout for your own sugar withdrawals and feel free to leave a comment and let us know what yours were so we can all know what to look out for.