My Grandma is a Drug Dealer!

Yes, its true, both my grandma’s are drug dealers and they are were pushing for my sugar cravings.  They didn’t know it but they were both contributors to the 30 year sugar addiction I had.  Was it their fault?  No but they sure didn’t help.

samantha with grandmom2 300x241 My Grandma is a Drug Dealer!For example, this picture was just taken this weekend, I was at my grandmas ranch in Sebring, FL.  She is going to be 92 and is a little fire cracker!  She has an entire fridge full of chocolate and when I say, full, I mean full.  I am talking all kinds, I won’t mention which kind but it is just full.

So when you go over there, every time you get up to go to bathroom or get a drink of water she will chime in, “Go get some chocolate.  Make sure you get some candy.”  She is a sugar peddler, pushing that sugar onto all that walk into that house and she has been that way ever since I was a child, which totally contributed to my early sugar addiction and sugar cravings.

My sister and I used to sneak into the kitchen in the middle of the night, mix the cake mix and eat it in a bowl on the floor!  If you have never done this, trust me, many sugar addicts have!

So why do I say she is a drug dealer?  Because sugar has been shown to act like a drug in the body, here are some of the sugar withdrawal symptoms.  And you can read how your body has a sugar addiction detox.

Do you think its odd to call sugar a drug?  I used to think so too until I looked the definitions of what a drug is.

Maybe you don’t even know if you have a sugar addiction or sugar cravings that are over board, but if you take this quiz you can find out.