Sugar Cravings Gone

Okay I admit it, the Sugar Addiction Specialist found herself back into sugar again, which contributed to all kinds of sugar cravings. Oh my! I am human though, just because I am an expert doesn’t mean I won’t struggle too sometimes. But I will say it was NOTHING to level of what I used to struggle, this time was more like a little bit here and there became too much sugar and I was pushing the limits of being back into a sugar addiction again!

IMG 3458 1024x576 Sugar Cravings GoneActually that is what helps me be an expert so I can really know what you are dealing with too. So I am on Day 9 of NO sugar and wow, do I feel great! My sugar cravings are GONE, I can thinking more clearly, I have more energy, I wake up more refreshed instead of feeling tired.

I will admit though, coming off sugar this time has been interesting because I have felt weird sometime during each day. I am also really connecting it to what I eat or drink because once you get the junk food out of your body, you are much more sensitive to how food affects you and how certain food affects your sugar cravings and your sugar withdrawals if you are eating refined carbs.

For example, I normally don’t eat white flour or products made with white flour however I am on a business trip traveling on the other side of the continent (from Florida to California) and whole grain is not as readily available when you travel.

So a few times I have had some white flour products and boy do I notice how I feel! About an hour after, I just start to feel weird and it can last a few hours… totally NOT worth it.

Why is that happening? A few reasons… one, my blood sugar levels are affected and two those products are devoid of nutrition and have chemicals in them. I also think some of these things have been sugar detox symptoms.

So honestly, I am going into my toughest setting. I have two days of meetings with a mastermind group and they give us all kinds of free food including hosh posh desserts. So in the past, when I wasn’t eating sugar, I might have a tiny bit or nothing at all but when I came here in January I was eating it and I had more then I needed to.

Which leads to more sugar cravings, dah!

So I will need to really buckle my seat belt and apply all the things I have done myself and I teach you. So here it goes, I am glad I am not having sugar cravings now though! Hey if you want to see what level of sugar cravings you have, you can even click this link to take a quiz