Sugar Cravings DO Go Away

rollar coaster scary 300x225 Sugar Cravings DO Go AwayWhen I was in the midst of my sugar cravings, I sure didn’t think they would ever go away but the good news is THEY DO!  When you get sugar out of your body, and yes you might have a slight sugar addiction detox, then you typically won’t crave sugar anymore (unless you have somethings out of whack with the chemicals in your body).

The challenge is, when you are eating sugar all the time, you will crave it like crazy.  You will crave sugar but then never be satisfied.  Do you know what I am talking about?

Its a frustrating cycle that seems to go around and around, crave sugar, eat it, be okay for a little while, then have more sugar cravings. Over and over.  Are you sick of this cycle?  You have to get sick of the tortorous rollar coaster ride before you will do anything about.  You can certainly see the 14 day solution I came up with to help break the sugar addiction by clicking here.

I didn’t get off the rollar coaster until I got fed up with how sick I really felt….mentally, emotionally and physically. Some like rollar coasters but imagine it was one that actually made you sick and you could never get off the stupid thing. Maybe you need to take the quiz to see if you even are addicted to sugar, you can click here to take the quiz.

I am AMAZED at how when you get it out of your system, you do NOT crave it.  You could actually walk right by it and not even crave it.  Now, keep in mind, your mind from habits might think, “Oh, that looks good.”  Then you remind yourself that you don’t eat that anymore because you don’t want to feel like crap and you keep walking.

The difference is, its not like this pull on you, like you feel like you have to eat it.  You could take it or leave it.  That is an amazing place to be with no longer having sugar cravings control your life.