Sugar Cravings Caused from Other Foods?!

breaking the chains 300x225 Sugar Cravings Caused from Other Foods?!I have been doing a lot of reading lately and experimenting with food and I have to say, I honestly did NOT realize that the amount of regular carbs (not sugar) I was eating was contributing to my actual sugar cravings.

When you eat food that constantly spikes your blood sugar levels (sugar and carbs) it can put your body of out whack. You have un-natural cravings that seem to override your “will power”. You know what I am talking about?

You know, you set your mind to not eat something but when the cravings seem to come over you, they can almost seem to take over! And its as if you are not in control anymore and you feel like you have to eat that food.

Well my friend, the good news is, its actually a chemically driven reaction happening in your body that is making it feel like you “have to have” that food. It doesn’t have as much to do with that will power that so many talk about.

It really has to do with balancing your blood sugar levels so your insulin is more stabilized and you don’t have those ridiculous cravings. Some may be deficient in seratonin in their brain that can cause cravings but I find its mostly this blood sugar issue.

So how you get things back in line is you reduce the amount of excess carbs you eat and increase your fat intake….yes, increase your fat intake IF you are reducing your carbs. Eating too low of fat is not good for our bodies and can cause more problems long term.

If you wonder if you really even are truly addicted to sugar, take this quiz and see…..

Here is an email a client sent me and check out what she said (this is used with permission):

“There is such FREEDOM not being ruled by food. I can see this now – as I am on the other side. I will hold on to this feeling because it is WORTH embracing! I am controlled by God’s Spirit, not by the food on my plate or the old cravings in my body.

I feel stronger and healthier every day!!!

The added bonus of getting healthier is having a SHARPER mind!!!  I am more focused at work, no longer dependent on coffee to “get me through this day,” I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I am satisfied. I am reaching for life-giving foods. I do not feel like I am punishing myself. I am simply listening to what my body needs and NOT what it used to want!  THAT was slavery. I am walking in freedom and it feels GREAT!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, just really basking in and enjoying this FREEDOM from food.

Amen!! ”

Wow, now that is what I am talking about!  Living in FREEDOM from the control of food, just like that picture up there.  We want to break those chains that are holding you down to that food or sugar addiction.  It is SO awesome to be free of that!  If you want help, of course you can check out  my 14 day solution as well. Talk to you soon!