Sugar Cravings Are Annoying

Are You Annoyed with your Sugar Cravings?

annoyed2 300x208 Sugar Cravings Are AnnoyingSugar cravings really can be annoying!  You are sitting there, minding your own business, and all of the sudden you get these intense sugar cravings from out of nowhere.  Then your mind gets focused on it and you start thinking of what you are going to eat to fulfill that sugar craving.  Your mind races back and forth between the options, seeing pictures in your mind of all your options: either what is at your immediate grasp or what you can plan for eating later.  Your mouth starts to water as you think of it, as you see yourself eating it.

Then something happens where the urge even gets stronger and you really want to fulfill this fix in your body, but also this fantasy in your mind of the experience… of the rendezvous … of the little mind vacation you get to take as you fulfill your sugar cravings and you are whisked away off into the sunset with your sugar… until, it’s over … until that sugar craving is fulfilled, then what?  For many it’s self-loathing, frustration, nausea, feeling ‘eeked’ out, guilty, sad or negative self-talk.  What happened?  You had this fantasy in your mind it was going to be so great and it was while you were eating it.  But once that experience was over you are left with feeling more groce and frustrated than wonderful.  Those sugar cravings sure didn’t deliver the experience they had promised in your mind.  The full experience, not just the flavor, but the feelings after you were done, 10 minutes later or even a few hours later.  Check out this one great tool, a free video that I made for you called The 3 Mistakes Sugar Addicts Make and How to Avoid Them.

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Sugar Cravings not Delivering what they “Promised”

Does any of that sound familiar to you? I understand because that, My Friend, is how I lived my life for many, many years – about 30 years, to be exact.  You see, I was a sugar addict and I lived my life plagued with sugar cravings that seemed to pull me in any direction they wanted me to go.  When they called my name, I felt compelled to answer. When the thought of them entered my mind, I felt pulled to comply, to fulfill that movie in my mind of the experience.  Yes, I had a sugar addiction and I didn’t realize it until about 30 years into it.  That is the ironic thing.  So, if the above description fits what you go through sometimes, you just might have a sugar addiction, too.  I encourage you to investigate the possibility with a mini ‘self-diagnosis’ by watching this free internet seminar that I am giving.  Taking the time to do this can be one of the best gifts you have ever given yourself because the freedom from the control of sugar in your life is so absolutely awesome!  If you would like to learn more, click this link.  Don’t let sugar cravings rule your life … be set free from sugar cravings and you will also experience ‘Wow’!