Sugar Cravings and Valentine’s Day

heart beating Sugar Cravings and Valentines DayOne of the things I used to use as an EXCUSE to feed my sugar cravings, were holidays, especially ones based around chocolate like Valentine’s Day.  Okay I am actually going to be vulnerable here to you, you who are part of the 9114 a MONTH of those addicted to sugar  that visit this blog. I am going to show you some of my old personal journal entries in the midst of my food and sugar addictions.

This was about 7 years ago, wow, its been a long time since I was a real food addict and since I mentioned how many visitors I am getting a month now, I want to THANK YOU.  I put this blog up just to see how many of you struggle with sugar addiction and wow, 9114 a month are searching help for this!!! SO have encouragement, my friend, you are NOT alone!  There are MILLIONS of sugar addicts out there and I USED to be one of them.  And I don’t miss that torture for a second!

Here we go, keep in mind, these are my personal journal entries so I am bearing my soul here….get ready to probably see part of yourself in here…..buckle your seat belt and start reading….you will probably laugh and shed a tear because its also your voice crying out in here that you hear….

Journal Entries of Struggling with Sugar Cravings

“I got to my sister’s and there was this huge ice cream chocolate creation in the freezer.  I just reacted when I saw it and ate it.  I even had my healthy sweets with me.  Then, I said, ‘Screw it.  I’ve already messed up.’  And ate a bunch of Oreos TM!  I really want to be able to not do that anymore.  Next time, I need to stop immediately and say, ‘No!  That is the old me.’  And pray for God to give me strength.  ” 2-9

“It’s Valentine’s Day, so I told myself I could have lots of chocolate.  Now I feel sick and I’m going to lie down.  Boy, great way to love myself.” 2-14

“I really wanted something fattening from a restaurant to go.  Then I started to think about how I could just get Subway TM and how that would be a great choice.  I pulled into Subway TM parking lot, still thinking about all the other fattening choices but just said to myself, ‘Why am I doing this to myself, just get out of the car and go get Subway TM, you know you’ll be happier you did.’  So I did and the sub was great, but the fact was they had just baked cookies, now I hadn’t planned for that one!  I got 3, ate those, my sandwich and chips.  Was getting ready to go up and get 3 more cookies, “because they were just so good”, even though I was really full.  This girl started cursing and talking about quitting and it seemed to interrupt “the zone” I was in, so I realized I didn’t need it and I left.  I am so glad I didn’t get more.” 2-15

Had eaten bad the day before:  “I already screwed up yesterday, so I’m just going to eat 3 doughnuts.  Then evening came around and since I screwed up again this morning, I ate Kentucky Fried Chicken TM!” 2-18

“Went into gas station to get water, brain thought about getting something sweet.  I said, ‘No, you don’t need that.  Get gum if you want it that bad.’  I’m so glad I didn’t get anything!” 2-19

“I wanted something sweet, BAD, so I had my new healthy alternative, Luna bar TM.  These things are great!” 2-20

I had just eaten a huge lean chicken fajita wrap: “I really only needed half of that.  Next time, I’m going to cut in half, put it away and only eat half of it.” 2-20

Actually did cut it in half this time: “Yes, I did it.  It wasn’t all that hard to do.  I’m so glad I don’t feel so full, I feel great!” 2-21

Last time I was at my friend’s house, I pigged out on Tostitos TM and salsa, but this time:  “I had thoughts about eating those chips again, but I just ignored it.  The urge went away; it wasn’t very hard to do that.” 2-22

“Walked past cookie dough at store, just said, ‘No!’ I’m so glad I did!” 2-24

“Man, I just ate 6 doughnuts.  I feel so full and disgusting.  I’ve got to stop this insanity!” 2-26

Over the whole day, I had eaten almost 4000 calories, and 200 grams of fat!  “I saw a sign that said, ‘What are you giving up for lint?’  I got all fired up because I wanted to give up bad foods.  So I decided I would start tomorrow and go on a binge today.  I started off with 4 donuts and now I’m thinking about what to have for lunch.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  I’m really ready to be over this and stop acting like such a child.  Well, mission accomplished, I just pigged out at Chili’s TM on a huge order of steak nachos and chicken crispers.  I am so disgustingly full I was practically gagging on the last bite; I even had to spit it out, because I felt like I was going to throw up!  These dumb food addictions!  I desire it thinking its going to give me something it’s not.  All I’m left with is feeling disgustingly full and sad.  What is it that I am looking for or running from?  Why is it that when I KNOW it is bad for me, I continue to eat it?  I believe that once I’m past these addictions I will have so much revelation about it, write a book and many people will be set free!”  2-28

“Went to my sister’s today, I wouldn’t even let myself look in the fridge.  Once I made that decision, it wasn’t too hard to forget about what food might be in the fridge.” 3-1

“I went to the store today and did not compromise one bit.  I looked at all of the labels and didn’t buy anything with partially hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup, salt, sugar or dairy.  I’m so glad.  On the way home, my old way of thinking thought about having fried chicken tenders but remembered my commitment, and said no.  So I started to think of all the other new delicious things I could eat and I started desiring those.  I had this awesome healthy meal.  I’m real happy and I love the way I’m starting to eat now.  It really makes me feel good.” 3-3

“I was really hungry when I got up this morning.  I had two cups of Kashi TM (only 50 grams of carbs).  I really wanted more but made myself stop, then a few minutes later I realized I was fine.  I’m glad I stopped!” 3-3

“Wow!  What an awesome meal!  I had angel hair pasta with sautéed onions, portabella mushrooms, sesame seeds and a little sesame oil with soy sausage.  It’s amazing how great this healthy stuff can taste if you know how to cook it.”  3-4

“I ate another delicious healthy meal (soy meatballs with pasta, spaghetti sauce and soy parmesan cheese), but afterwards I realized I was pretty full, so next time I’ll only have one slice of bread (instead of 2) and a ½ tablespoon of soy butter instead of 1.” 3-3

“First time leaving church today and not getting donuts (I was getting them every time for a couple months).  I just keep telling myself no refined sugar anymore, so I’ll have a Cliff Bar TM instead.  It was pretty easy.” 3-4

“Went into break room (ironically of the gym I work at as a personal trainer) and there was this huge fresh lasagna someone made and French bread with cheese on it.  I said no meat, so I didn’t touch the lasagna although I wanted it.  But I did let myself have 2 pieces of French bread.  My stomach really hurt afterwards, since I haven’t had dairy in a while.” 3-5

“What happened?  I drove by Dairy Queen TM and just wanted a parfait, and said forget it, I don’t care, I’m eating it.  I didn’t even try and stop myself.  I feel gross and bedazzled of what the heck just happened of why I just went and ate that junk.” 3-6

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“I had a difficult night last night, and realized I already messed up the day before, so I deserve these donuts (I had 3).  When lunch came around, my brain started to pull that tune again.  But, thank God, I said, ‘NO!  I do care.’  And I ate what I brought for lunch.  I’m so glad I’m back on track, hallelujah!  What will I do next time I want ‘something sweet’?  Say NO refined sugar and have a healthy back up.” 3-7

“I’m hungry right now and I know my guards can tend to be down when I’m hungry.  I want to go to the grocery to get soymilk for cereal, but I’m afraid I’ll get other stuff.  I hate it because right now I feel even my guards are down for eating sugar and meat.  (Some time passes).  Praise God!  It was just a phase.  I had some bread and low fat peanut butter and I was fine.  He is helping me to remember that those experiences are all a part of getting off certain addictions and getting out of old habits.  I remember saying to myself when I was having those cravings, ‘Right now I don’t feel like anything can stop me from eating bad.’  And I was reminded, ‘Nothing but the power of God.’  I remember when I quit smoking, the first week I sometimes felt seemingly ‘unbearable’ urges but I just kept reminding myself it was just a passing phase and the urges would go away and eventually diminished all together.  Just like with these useless food cravings.”  3-7

“I was thinking of what to have for lunch and thought about Subway TM, but realized I wasn’t ready to be tempted if they had just baked cookies.  So, I went to this Chinese place and got a veggie stir fry which was delicious.  But, a free drink came with it and I gave into a soda, another 250 calories.  Stupid decision.  That stuff was steaming hot and I was so controlled by urge to eat it right now I burnt my tongue!  Although I did wait a couple minutes (small form of control) I still ate if even though it was too hot.  I don’t like being controlled by food.” 3-8

“One of my clients mentioned chicken wings.  I can’t get that stupid thought out of my mind.  I know I don’t want the fat but my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  What to do?  There is a part of me that says, ‘Screw it, what’s the big deal?  You’re working out and doing cardio tonight.’  (some time passes) Well the desire went away, praise God!” 3-12

“Well it looks like it got me today.  How gross and disgusting those wings looked and the flavor was definitely nothing like I remember; it was pretty gross and I feel really gross after eating them.  Why can’t I stop at times?  I already screwed up so then I ate a stupid Oreo TM Blizzard TM!” 3-13

“Knew I needed to eat cereal before I left for work so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy donuts.  I have been driving by the place everyday now and just saying, ‘No!’ in my mind and now it’s very easy to do.  Just say no and you won’t be tempted anymore.”  3-14

“I went into the convenience store to get food because I wasn’t prepared with my snacks. I looked at the items and all the fat they had, realized I didn’t want that fat, so I got honey mustard pretzels instead.  I am so glad I did.”  3-16

“Today, I met with my Pastor to talk about having more victory with this, and we prayed about it.” 8-6

“My stomach hurt all day today with sharp pain cramps.  It had to have been from the Taco BellTM I had 2 days ago.”  8-10

“Well, God is still working on me, because I am so conscious about it every time I do it now, but I know it won’t happen overnight.  I had donuts again and then fries at Wendy’s TM later.”  8-11

“I felt horrible after eating Dairy Queen TM again, about 1,000 calories.  I think I’ll just have a Peppermint Patty TM next time I crave sweets.  Yeah, it’s refined sugar but at least it’s not all those calories.” 8-14

“I was on my face crying today for the Lord God to help me with this.  I’m realizing I have got to treat this stuff like an addiction.”  8-15 (After having McDonalds TM for breakfast and Chili’s TM later totalling at least 5000 calories between the two)

“I knew I was going to the mall today, where I ‘always’ go to the cookie place and eat like 5-7 cookies.  This time when I ate them, it was hard because I was totally aware that I was sinning, feeding this addiction.  I was so conscious of it I threw half of them out!  I realized that sugar is all an illusion; it’s not all it’s made out to be.  God has already given me all the tools I need to be set free, I just have to use them.  Pray and lean on Him in those times.  This stuff has really started to taste different to me now.  I am sick and tired of refined sugar; it’s a liar, and it’s my enemy!”  8-16

“God has really been doing a lot in me; I don’t even feel tempted to eat fast food on the way home.  It just isn’t even an option anymore.  It feels great!  I’ve been doing a lot of research on how addictive refined sugar and refined carbs can be.  I’m feeling relieved to know that I must have been caught in this trap of addiction.” 10-23

If you want read about my walk with God, click here, but come back to this page to finish these journal entries, you will be glad you did.  : )

“Wow, I have been eating really healthy, God has really been changing me, He’s really been setting me free.”10-24

“I have had tons of energy lately.  I had a fruit smoothie this morning and man, I feel great!”  10-25

“Saw a commercial about an old craving, I had an old thought of reacting to temptation, but said, ‘No, that is the old me’ and went and ate something in the kitchen.  I’m so glad I didn’t follow that old temptation!”  10-28

“I am so excited because I have successfully been at my girlfriend’s house without eating this ice cream & chocolate sauce she has in the freezer.  I was not able to do this a couple of months ago.  After a couple of times of not eating it, it has become easier and easier; now I don’t even think about it!”  10-30

“On my way home from work I had a craving for ‘something sweet’.  My old thought came about donuts and I had started to see it (in my mind) and taste it.  Then I said, ‘If I’m going to do that I’ll just go to the mall and get those cookies!’  Then I snapped out of this old trance and realized where I had allowed my thoughts to go.  I screamed “NO, NO, NO!” really loud in my truck!  I prayed for God’s help and leaned on Him and the craving totally went away, immediately!  Yes!  Praise God!  He really does leave me a way out; I just have to lean on Him.”  (No temptation has overtaken you except which is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it. [1 Corinthians 10:13]) 10-31

“Wow!  I am so excited for how I have been eating now!  This is the longest I have ever gone eating totally healthy.  Until now I had never gone more than about 48 hours.  I feel amazing!”  11-1

“They had lots of delicatessen cheesecake and cookies in the fridge at work today for a party.  The old me sat   back there and had 3 pieces of cheesecake, plus lots of cookies.  But the new me saw that stuff in the fridge and said, “Nope.  That’s the old me, I don’t want that junk in my body!”  Man, what a rush to be able to do that. Praise God!” 11-29

“It’s so awesome!  I don’t even have ANY desire to eat unhealthy, it is awesome.  I am not even tempted AT ALL to respond to commercials or foods that may be around me.”  12-5

These are some journal entries those last few years that I was overcoming the sugar addiction and sugar cravings. They are also out of my 14 day solution to overcoming your sugar addiction and sugar cravings, click here to read more about it, it just might be right for you….Happy Valentine’s Day….love yourself but not putting something in your body you KNOW you will regret, filling those sugar cravings, never really satisfy you, right?