Sugar Cravings and Fruit

I wanted to give a detailed response to a question on I had on one of my you tube videos about sugar cravings and fruit.  This is the you tube video….

This is the question:

When you speak about sugar, do you mean also sugar that comes from fruit? because would it be so bad (the addiction) that when i come to eat fruit like oranges or pineapple, i begin craving it again…..binging on anything that has sugar in it, even though, fruit!, eating fruit! it’s supposed to be healthy right? so….what’s up with that? am i supposed to cut off fruit also to get rid of that sugar craving? thanks!

Here is my response:

Hi!  Samantha here and I wanted to answer your question.  You have to read YOUR body.  If you eat fruit, it makes you crave sugar and you go off the deep end with sugar, then you probably shouldn’t eat fruit.

I don’t eat fruit because I’m starving all day and tend to eat twice the calories!

Yes fruit is healthy but it does have fructose which in certain people’s bodies, it can spike your insulin levels more than “they” say it does.  So you be the judge.

Also when something sweet hits your tongue your brain can think its sugar, so that can be psychological cravings too.  Especially if you have been a sugar addict for quite some time.

The other thing to think about is the type of fruit you are eating because some fruit spikes blood sugar levels more than others.  For examples of the ones that do more are bananas, grapes, pineapple (which you mentioned) and dried fruit.  Those can cause you crave sugar more than a plum or pear or orange.  Have a great day and stay determined to overcome those sugar cravings!

I would also recommend you take my quiz to see if you really are a sugar addict or to see the level of cravings you do have, click this link. : )