Sugar Addict’s Recovery after Christmas

Okay so if you are a sugar addict then you probably went a little overboard during Christmas.  Now if you didn’t and you had self-control, yeah for you but don’t think that doesn’t mean you aren’t a sugar addict. So how do you get back on track?  That is the question.

Can I be honest with you?  I too had some sugar.  Yes I know.  I do have to say though it was 90% less then it used to be, I could stop at just a few bites AND I am right back on track.  That my friend, is the secret.  Its not about never getting to have sugar again but its about not having a sugar addiction.

0021 1024x682 Sugar Addict’s Recovery after ChristmasIts interesting because this week I had some really important things to do and I did NOT want to be going through a serious sugar detox so when my husband got a bunch of sugar and brought it to the house “for the holidays” I had a choice to make.  I could either go all out and say, “So what,” OR I could THINK about what I was doing and think about my consequences LATER, today, tomorrow, and over the next few days.

Now remember, I am a former sugar addict so I don’t function the same way I used to with sugar.  I actually practice all the things that I teach you in my 14-Day System of how to break a sugar addiction so I can actually have sugar now and not LET it turn into an all out sugar binge.

Keep in mind though I could have NEVER done that 2 years ago before I kicked this sugar addiction. That is one thing you have to be patient with yourself, if you are dealing with being a sugar addict then you are dealing with an actual sugar addiction, its not just based on will power.

But if I get “comfortable” and don’t really pay attention, I can slip right back into a sugar addictionagain as fast as some chocolate chip cookies!


So how do you get over your being a sugar addict?

1)      You have to recognize you just might be a sugar addict.  Take this quiz to self-diagnose yourself and find out if you really even are.
2)      Make a decision you are FED up with the side effects and sugar withdrawal symptoms.
3)      DO something about it.  That is why I developed this 14 day Solution to help you break the addiction.

The New Year is here, yes 2012.  The question is, are you going to LET yourself be a sugar addict for another 10 years?  NO WAY!  Not even another 10 days!  The average person who struggles with a sugar addiction has been addicted to sugar for over 10 years (typically their whole life) and spends about $5 a day on their sugar fix.

So over 1 year that is $1825!!! Over 10 years that is $18,250 actually SPENT on sugar.  Man oh man… the sugar industry is getting rich while sugar addicts are being robbed!

I recently had a quiz where 1071 sugar addicts filled it out so that is 20 million dollars in 10 years they have all spent together.  That is RIDICULOUS!!!!!

If you are sick of being robbed, then check out my solution.  You will BE SO GLAD you overcome the struggle of being a sugar addict… Happy New Year!