Sugar Addiction – What to do if you have a Relapse

Hi, Samantha Taylor here. I am in Nevada on a business trip and I talk about sugar addiction and how to overcome a sugar addiction.

So, I’m talking to you about sugar addiction, how to get off sugar, how to overcome being a sugar addict in your life that might be controlling you, or maybe you just eat sugar every once in a while and you still can’t stop eating it. So, you know, it’s all about balance.

Okay, so I wanna talk to you about, “So you had a relapse…” Let’s say you go off sugar and you’re like, “Yes, I’m doing great. I feel phenomenal. I’m going off sugar. This is awesome. I’m so happy, blah, blah, blah. My life is so changed. I’m the different person,” and then you have a relapse. What does that mean? You gave in. You- you thought you had it but you didn’t, and then all of a sudden, you ate sugar again. And now, you’re addicted to sugar again. How did this happen?

Now, my friend, I have personal experience with this. I have been on and off being a sugar addict (sigh) probably 50 times in 6 years. I’m not kidding. I think closer to 100. But when you think about sugar addiction and how you have got to: one, make sure that you don’t fall back into it. If you find yourself eating it again, then you need to kind of check with yourself and figure out how you can get more balance again.

So, if you relapse and you find that you did fall back into a sugar addiction, then go ahead and just take a deep breath and know that you can get off of it again. Just relax. And I have to say that because I’ve come off in sugar addiction so many times, the more I did it, the more I realize that it was easier, you know, the more I got off sugar, the easier it was to get off of it again. So, little by little, it got easier and easier.

So, if you relapsed, so what? Just get back on track. You’re human. You’re not gonna be perfect all the time, and that’s just life. So, that’s why two sets for you today, just get back on track and refuse to live with a sugar addiction.