Sugar Addiction – This Month is the Toughest

When you are struggling with a sugar addiction, this month is the toughest of them all.  Many overdid it during Thanksgiving, now Christmas is almost here and the smell of fresh baked goods is in the air everywhere!  And the feel of it is, too, isn’t it? One mindset I caution you on is thinking, “Well, I will just get back on track for the New Year and eat everything I want right now.”

1) First of all, we know that is a lie.  That is just the way for a sugar addict to give themselves an excuse to gorge.  Now don’t get me wrong, I know you have intentions of stopping but you are dealing with a sugar addiction, an actual addiction.  Not just a desire to stop eating sugar.  Its more complicated then that.

2) The other problem with that mindset is if you pig out this month and try to stop in January, you are going to go through some serious sugar withdrawal symptoms and its not going to be easy.  Its going to be much harder to come off sugar then if you don’t overdue this month.

You can take “The Quiz” to self-diagnose whether you even are a sugar addict or not, click here.

I encourage you to do something different this year and DON’T pig out on sugar.  You will thank yourself later and not go through some serious sugar addiction detox symptoms when you stop eating it.  The less sugar you have in your body, the less sugar withdrawals and sugar cravings you will have.

Overcoming a sugar addiction is mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and if you need help with that, check out this site.