Sugar Addiction No More. I Admit, I just ate Sugar!

Sugar Addiction no more2 300x227 Sugar Addiction No More. I Admit, I just ate Sugar!Okay so here I am, this is my blog so I am real with what is going on in my life about my previous issue with a sugar addiction and any current things I might be dealing with.  I am actually, right now typing on my laptop at 1 am on the internet while my husband is driving, we just left this amazing horse/acrobat show called Cavalia and its almost a 6 hour drive back home (still funny to me you can be on the internet while you are in a car traveling 70 miles an hour!).

If you don’t know me, I WAS a sugar addict for most of my life, about 30 years. I am 37 now and started to have victory over the last few years, that is why I started writing in this blog which now there are about 9,000 people that read it a month now, that is awesome!

Yet, it saddens me a little because that means you were probably searching the words sugar addiction or sugar cravings.  I am happy you want to do something about this problem because it sure is like a prison when you are addicted to sugar, but I feel your pain in dealing with this addiction because that part is very difficult and gets SO OLD!

So I am writing this post because I had sugar today and because it I have like these weird anxiety pains in my chest.  Yes that happens when I have sugar and I haven’t had it for awhile.  That is also a side effect of a chemical that is actually known to be poisonous, yes sugar can be toxic and there are REAL sugar withdrawals and a sugar detox.

Now since I don’t have sugar very often my body really feels it in more ways then one.  Sure I do get that initial “high” or “rush” but honestly that is not why I eat it sometimes.  I eat it rarely and its more about the flavor to me then the rush. I also like to have balance in my life and not live in a legalistic mindset that I can’t ever have sugar again since I USED to have a sugar addiction.  And yes, sugar can taste good, we all know that!

But the key is knowing I used to have a sugar addiction and guarding myself if I do have it.  So what happened tonight?  I knew I was going to a place that was going to have a dessert buffet (which is NOT something I recommend EVER subjecting yourself to if you are still struggling with a sugar addiction).

So I let myself take a few pieces of different things to try them (they were like those little mini desserts, not whole pieces).  One thing I have learned is that if it doesn’t taste AMAZING, I STOP eating it… I do not eat anymore.  That has really helped me big time in being able to just take a few bites and stop eating it.

So I had a tiny bite of a few different things and they looked better then they tasted (that’s how it is most of the time with me and sugar anyway anymore – I did NOT used to be like that).

The cool thing is I did throw away about 70% of what was on my plate (not that I am in to wasting food but when it comes to sugar, I would much rather just throw it away instead of eat it).  So I was happy about that.

However, the small amount I had, honestly was equal to about 3 or 4 cookies, man I can feel it! I am talking about the negative side effects.  What are they?

1) Feel anxious

2) My chest is tight, like a heaviness in the chest, not really chest pain but it can feel piercing at times although its not near my heart.

3) I had a hard time sitting still and enjoying the show, that was annoying.  I had a hard time relaxing which is totally sad I did that to myself since I drove almost 6 hours to see this show!

4) Feel kind of sad.

As I write all those things, I think its stupid I even ate any of that but honestly sometimes it can be good for me to be reminded how much I really don’t like that stuff!

So what is my plan to make sure this one time event doesn’t turn into another sugar addiction?

The key I have learned is to remind myself of the entire experience, like all the things listed above, not just the flavor but the WHOLE experience.  The other key is to NOT let myself have it over these next 3 days.  That is one of the number one keys I have learned to not letting a one time sugar event turn into being a total sugar addict again!

Please understand, I do NOT even recommend you attempt having sugar if you are fresh off your sugar addiction.  Many of you are on my 14 day program of how to break your sugar addiction and if you aren’t and want to know more, you can read about that here, but if you are literally in the first month or two of overcoming a lifelong sugar addiction, don’t play with fire, don’t even think you should be able to handle something like this, this fresh.  You have to give it some time.

So hopefully you can learn from my experience today.  I will be getting home about 4 am and will probably still be so wired I won’t be able to go to sleep, since I had coffee too! If you want to take a quiz to see if you even really struggle with a sugar addiction, you can click here.