Sugar Addiction GONE!

IMG 33991 300x168 Sugar Addiction GONE!Well I made it, the sugar addiction is gone!  Yeah!!!! In my previous post I told you that I was going to California on business and it was going to be tough because they have all these fancy desserts and yes they were all over the place.  But I had decided I was SICK of the negative side effects of excess sugar and yes maybe that gives you even more hope that even if the sugar addiction specialist doesn’t pay attention she can be right back into another sugar addiction.

One of the things that motivated me the most to stop eating sugar was I realized I was so distracted all the time, I couldn’t think straight and it was really affecting my business.

It was a sad thing to admit that I had started eating sugar again but that is the first step right?  The key is to keep getting back up, don’t just stay down there and beat yourself up, pull yourself off the floor, dust yourself off, put your shoulders back and your head held high and tell yourself, “I can do this!”  Yes that is where I think we need to get to overcome this addiction.

The great thing is I can attest that my sugar cravings are completely gone and my sugar withdrawals are completely gone.  Thank God!  I got real irritable for about a week which that has not happened before, usually I get kind of sad coming off sugar, those are all signs of a sugar detox.  But I know they go away, that is who you can have confidence, don’t freak out and think you will always feel like that, because they do go away!

Maybe you want to take a quiz to see if you really are even a sugar addict, click here to take the quiz to self-diagnose yourself.

If you haven’t read my story and maybe you are new to this blog, I was a addicted to sugar for 30 years, overcame it about 3 years ago and found myself back into sugar for the last few months.   Not good.   You can read about my story here or watch a short video on YouTube about it.

Whatever you do, make a decision that you are SICK of the negative side effects too. The flavor and “high” can only carry you so long, then there is the psychotic crash of feeling weird, can’t focus, anxious, moody, headaches, hot flashes, the list goes on and on!  For a few minutes of pleasure?  No thanks!!!!

You might be fed up like I am and maybe you are ready to take some serious action!  You can do the program I just back in myself and actually this is exactly my 14th day with NO SUGAR!  Yeah, I made it and you can make it too!  But it doesn’t stop there you keep going.  So you are going to see some good posts about my journey too.  If you want to do the program I just did then check this out to overcome your sugar addiction too, its SO worth it! : )