Sugar Addiction Freedom – Day 9

Check out this email a woman sent me that has been on my 14 day Sugar Addiction Solution, she is on day 9. Check this out…..

Hello Samantha,

I just wanted to say that I feel great today on day 9! Like you, this is not my first time. I’ve been dealing with sugar addiction and it’s side effects my whole life. I’ve always made it the joke, how addicted I was. The fact that I could eat an entire Entenmanns cake in one sitting, with a fork – no plate, and not gain much weight because I exercise every day of the week.

People would marvel at how I could do that. They’d purposely buy stuff that they wanted “a piece of”, and then tell me I could have the rest. People would bring me chocolate and boxes of ring dings because they knew it would make me happy.

No one knew how sick it was making me. How bloated, gassy and constipated I was ALL THE TIME. It was embarrassing. How it was ruining my relationships because of the irritability and the self-esteem issues. I’ve successfully stopped before, but your program and your trials and tribulations make me realize that every time DOES get easier.

You made me realize that it was my sugar addiction that was taking from my concentration and my ability to just do the most basic responsibilities. I no longer whine about the time it’s going to take to mow the lawn, cover the pool, clean the house. You made me realize that I used to whine about these things because I felt deprived when they took from my time “relaxing” and eating sugar. That is a huge realization for me.

I’ve allowed my sugar addiction to become a “relationship”, while in reality it is part of my disease. I am in adult child Alanon and it has changed my life. With my mind and my heart wide open, I see now how, successfully learning to control my sugar intake, my life can be better than it ever was before. As will my real relationships.

Samantha, thank you for being willing to put yourself out there the way that you did and sharing your vulnerabilities with us. It makes us realize that it is truly an addiction. While not one as life threatening as Alcoholism, it is still something that can hold your “real” life hostage! I now see every time I’ve tried to come off sugar, and “failed”, in a different light.

Every time I tried, I came closer.

I realize too that this may not be the last time, and that’s ok, I’m prepared for that. Hopefully, being mentally prepared means that I’ll be able to recognize when I’m about to “fall off the wagon” and catch myself before it’s too late.

I walked right past a bag of chocolate chip cookies with m&m’s in the lunchroom yesterday and they didn’t even talk to me! It was a wonderful feeling. Food should not talk to a person. LOL. Again, thank you.

I started my 16yr old daughter on the 14 day solution on Saturday because she has been getting increasingly lethargic, losing focus and concentration, sleeping all the time, and incredibly irritable. Now one might think that’s normal for a 16 year old, but it isn’t. She knows it too. This morning when I made her eat breakfast before she went to school she wasn’t even crabby, or arguing that she didn’t want to eat. We’ve done this before so she knows that this will help her feel better. We just have to get through the hard part. I went to NYC this weekend, and did not “fall off the wagon”. I didn’t even want to.

Wasn’t even tempted to go into Magnolia’s Bakery, famous from Sex and the City, because I had a bag of Kellogg’s all bran crackers. When I ate them outside the bakery, somehow they tasted sweeter than usual. Funny.

I feel better every day. I indulge my cravings with peanut butter and sugar free jelly on double fiber English muffins. It’s delish and filling. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow or if this is something that will finally “stick” for me, but Samantha has me looking at it from a different angle and that seems to be helping tremendously. One day at a time.

Thank you

ME AND MY CAKE1 150x150 Sugar Addiction Freedom – Day 9P.S. The picture I enclosed is one of me sitting in front of my favorite sugary snack. To everyone’s disbelief and amusement I would eat an entire cake in an afternoon, with a fork, no plate, until it was done. Many times I would hide it. Or if I bought one to bring somewhere I’d buy 2 so that i was sure to get “enough”.


Email 3 days later:

Today is day 3 for my daughter, but she hasn’t had any sugar or fast food for 5 days. She has been an absolute pleasure to be around the last 2 days. Even in the morning! (which is unheard of for my 16 yr old daughter). She knows it’s because of what she’s eating (or NOT eating).

It’s wonderful to see the recognition in her eyes, because as she grows older I know that she will have a healthy foundation to fall back on when her eating habits make her life unmanageable. We’ve done this before, and we’ll probably have to do it again, but every time gets easier, and every time the results resonate stronger.

Again, say thank you to Samantha. I will send my pic soon with my certificate.



Wow, can of you relate to what Viki was talking about? Thanks for sharing with us Viki, I know you are inspiring others too. If you want to be able to walk right by chocolate and not be tempted then I encourage you to check out my 14 day program she is on. You will love it! The certificate she is talking about is one some take after you MADE it the 14 days! It is SUCH an accomplishment. : )