Sugar Addiction and Thanksgiving

Getting back on track after Thanksgiving can be tough and if you are anything like I used to be, the holidays can really throw you for a loop in dealing with a sugar addiction because you typically eat more sugar that you don’t normally have access to.  It can be hard to get back in the swing of things especially if you are dealing with sugar addiction withdrawals from how much sugar you did eat.

I will admit, I had some sugar too even though I didn’t binge on it, I still felt the effects the next day and you bet the sugar cravings the next day were stronger than before.  So how do WE get on track and stay on track and not let this turn into a whole month of struggling?

1)    Decide that you are going to get focused.  So what?  It was a few days, try to get back on track and not let it be an excuse to over indulge every day for another month, then try and get back on track for the New Year.   Remember, you are possibly dealing with a sugar addiction so that doesn’t just go away on its own.

2)    Get fed up with how you feel.  I once heard someone say, “You will never change what you tolerate.”  That is SO true!

3)    Write down what sugar you eat.  This can be really helpful so you are not in denial about the amount of sugar you are eating.  It can be pretty disgusting to look at it all in print too.  I personally abbreviate it when I write it down because when I would go back and read it, I didn’t want to be triggered by reading the names of all the sweets I ate.  Believe it or not, abbreviating it does help!

4)    Realize that you just might be a sugar addict and DO something about it. I have a 14 Day System to help break this sugar addiction.  Click here to learn more.

You don’t have to struggle with this for the rest of your life but if you keep shoveling sugar into your mouth then you will!  A sugar addiction is so much more than just about the sugar.  Usually it’s about emotional coping, a physical addiction, stress eating and patterns that you have been dealing with for 20 years possibly.

Are you really even a sugar addict, you can take “The Quiz” to self-diagnose whether you are or not, click here.

The thing I want to caution you with is we still have a month full of all kinds of sweets around.  Ask yourself, “Am I going to run the same pattern I run all the time or do something different?”  Because many sugar addicts, really gorge this whole month then try to not eat any for the New Year and that lasts for about a day because they either don’t realize or forget they are dealing with an actual addiction.

So if you are ready to actual start doing something about this sugar addiction and stop struggling, then click this link to learn how.