Struggling with Sugar Cravings: Friend or Foe

I recently got this email from a person who wants to overcome her sugar cravings but is afraid to walk away from being a sugar addict… and I am real with you here in my response to this woman.

Dear Samantha,

Every article you send… fits me to a “t”. Wish I felt I could get beyond this. Always saddens me to even think of saying goodbye to sugar.

Thank you for your honesty and insight.

Dear Sugar Addict, (I didn’t address her as that, I just didn’t want to say her name LOL)

Thanks for reaching out! Well that is normal when you are addicted to something, that is why you are addicted to sugar but that “friend” of yours is silently killing you, is that the kind of friend that you want?  I had to realize that because I was a sugar addict for 30 years.

I had a dream the other night about a woman struggling with her sugar addiction. I was talking to this woman in my dream that was crying intensely because she knew sugar was destroying her health but she just couldn’t stop eating it and she didn’t know how she was going to stop.

The husband looked at me and said, “You can’t help us because we don’t believe she can overcome this.” She cried out, “Sugar is such a friend to me, it’s been there for me all of these years, I don’t know how to give it up.”  I said to her, “It has become an idol in your life and that is sin against God when we worship something that intensely, we must really surrender it before God if you want to overcome it.”  That dream was intense and I was obviously talking to someoen in my dream who believed in God, because if you don’t then that dream might not speak to you.

I don’t know if that speaks to you but hopefully it does, it did to me.  If you have a “friend” that was stealing from you, hurting your family members, causing pain and sickness upon your family, robbing you of your joy, happiness, peace, energy and rest….is that a friend you should want to learn how to remove from your life or let it stay there until it takes you to your grave?  (And yes, excess sugar is linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis… just to name a few.) And on your way there, you are struggling with sugar withdrawals, constant sugar cravings and feeling like and acting like a sugar addict.

If you are in a dysfunctional relationship with that unhealthy friend, you are going to have to get healthier to know how to respect yourself and break that unhealthy soul and body tie that you have to that person or they will continue to destroy you.  Just like sugar. Just a thought.  I care about you.  If you really want to be free from this prison that a sugar addict lives in being constantly bombarded with sugar cravings, I encourage you to take action and get my 14 day solution to get the process started.