“Someone Finally Understands me!”

I got this awesome email from a woman who has been on my program for only 7 days, listen to what she says….wow curves text 300x164 Someone Finally Understands me!

“I am on day 7 of no sugar. I have been an addict for 20+ years but always thought I just had a binge eating disorder. I have recently realized thru your videos and manuscript that I have been a sugar addict and the binging was only a symptom. Because I have dealt with these issues for so long, I certainly have trepidation regarding my ability to find success with this program. However, in the last 20+ years I have never gone 7 days without sugar. So this is a great start!

Also, Samantha is the first person I have ever encountered that encompasses my exact thoughts, feelings, actions, and struggles. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there and helping me thru this. Thru reading and listening to you, I have had revelations about my addiction that I never knew…. or chose not to know before.

Just FYI I am a 39 year old, educated, middle-upper class woman. I am very athletic and have kept my weight in check only because of exercise.  I always have joked that I would weigh 300 lbs. if I didn’t exercise.

Its interesting, because I don’t have a weight problem, many times people do not take me seriously when I talk about my binge issues. But I will tell you that all the feelings of inadequacy, weakness, isolation, and low self-worth are as strong as anyone battling with their weight.

I will continue to work your program and I feel, for the first time EVER, that I know what I am dealing with and how to finally get a hold of it.

Thank you Samantha!”

Wow, that is so exciting!  That is why I do what I do, so I can help people like her or you, that struggle….when you feel alone, like no one understands you.  Well I am here for you!  And I am here to help you.  If you need help, don’t wait another day, check out the same 14 day solution she is on.  You will be glad you took action NOW! Before the holidays!