So what do you think?

iStock bridge scared2 200x300 So what do you think?Well one thing about having a blog and being in the public eye with your thoughts and opinions is that you will find people that either love what you teach or….not so much!  And believe me they both voice their opinion.

I had this woman write me an email complaining that it was wrong that I tell people that you can have sugar with balance AFTER you have overcome the addiction and learned how your body works and how to have balance.  This is ONLY if you have learned skills in how to do this, not if you are still in the midst of struggling with sugar.

My question is this, do you think it is actually realistic to tell yourself that once you get off this sugar addiction, that you will actually never have it again for the rest of your life?

Well, honestly I think that can set you up for more failure down the road because there is sugar in a lot of different foods and it is every where.  Sure if you used to struggle with alcohol you can put yourself in situations where there is not any alcohol but its practically impossible to do that with sugar.  Yes, you do have to learn how to not let your temptations rule your decisions and just pounce on sugar and eat it when you see it, that is a fact.

But being that it took me many years to come off sugar when I lived by the mindset that I could NEVER have it again, I found that mentality set me up for failure.  Why?

Because if I did have it again, which is reality, then I binged on it because my mind was telling me, “I can never eat this again, I might as well gorge on it.”  That for me personally, created more of a problem and with the amount of people I hear from that have an issue with sugar, it does you too.

So I have found in my life, I have to find balance.  And if you don’t agree with that, that that is okay, we are all entitled to our own opinion.  I just think that if you are too legalistic about it, then it can set you up for failure.

Sure, addictions to drugs and alcohol, that is something that once you get a handle on that, you don’t just dabble in that, you walk away and don’t ever touch it again, that is your best road to success however with sugar, doesn’t it seem like to have that mentality it can set you up for failure down the road?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and tell me what you think too so leave a comment to this blog post.

I have learned that if I do have sugar, which is rare because I choose not to put that stuff in my body and I actually DON’T want it anymore, I need to know what I can do to protect myself from not struggling with the addiction again….. particularly pay attention to the fact that I have had a previous issue with it so to not let me guard down and think “I got this” and to not let let myself have it again day after day.

That is when people that struggle with sugar get into trouble.  You can get to a point where you are more balanced in your nutrition and your mental and emotional relationship with sugar, that it doesn’t control you anymore.  So if you do have it, it is just that, you had sugar….no big deal, move on.

When you are in the midst of your struggle, its not like that.  You have it and….watch out!  You are looking for everything you can find!  Those are two totally different experiences.

So when you have been away from it for awhile, its lost its “control” over you and you are healthier….if you CHOOSE to have it, pay attention and make sure you don’t slip back into having it the next day and the next day for that is when you can start to have some serious issues and start eating it every day again for 3 months!  Does that make sense?

And  if you do have it and it sends you into a tail spin and an all-out sugar fest, then that should show you that you aren’t ready for that yet….if ever….

So if you want help, you can certainly check out my 14 day Sugar Addiction Solution.  Otherwise, keep checking out my blog.  Take care and leave me a comment about what YOU think….