14 Day System to Overcoming Your Sugar  Addiction.

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Here is what comes in the Sugar Addiction Solution:

sas video main 1 ProductsVideo 1

  • A step by step 14 day plan to get you free from sugar
  • How to easily make it through the first 3 days
  • How to get motivated to take action and stay focused

sas video main 2 ProductsVideo 2

In this video I talk to you about:

  • Understanding what sugar does to the body and why you would want to be free from a sugar addiction
  • Understanding temptation and not being overtaken by it
  • Learning how valuable you really are and why it’s good to take care of your body for your destiny
  • How not to let bad habits erode your health away

sas video main 3 ProductsBONUS Video 3 – Watch this video after you completed your 14 days

You have completed 14 days, yes! I want to celebrate with you! In this video I will:

  • I will show you exactly how to stay off sugar
  • How to resist temptation
  • How to have sugar occasionally and it not turn into another sugar addiction

sas manuscript ProductsSugar Addiction Solution – Manuscript

These pages are loaded with so many great ideas that you’ll never run out of tools or ways to keep yourself focused and excited about this new freedom of being off of sugar.

  • Step by step guide of your 14 day plan to get you free from sugar
  • List of the empowering statements to condition your mind so you can be free from sugar
  • How to read labels, how much sugar should you have in a day
  • The top 5 reasons why people stay addicted to sugar and how to overcome it
  • The exact system I used for the 2 years to make sure I didn’t fall back into a sugar addiction
  • The top 5 things to do if you are craving sugar for any reason

meditation cd ProductsMorning Meditation Audio

Listen to this short meditation in the morning to get your mind ready for the day and in a healthy frame of mind to keep you focused and feeling powerful.
Transforming your mind to thinking like someone that doesn’t need or want sugar is just as important to actually stop eating it.

You can also listen to this at any time of the day you feel like you need it.

14 day tracking 300x200 Products14 Day Tracking your Success Calendar

By tracking your success each day without sugar, you can watch every day how much easier it gets with this handy dandy calendar.
Its small enough you can stick it right in your purse or lay it on your desk at work.

Checking off each day you made it will give you a great sense of accomplishment and show you that really can beat this addiction.

certificate 300x231 Products14 Day Success Certificate

You made it 14 days and I want to celebrate with you! Print it, write your name on the certificate and take your picture holding it next to you. Then email me the picture so I can see it too!

Having this certificate seals the deal and furthers your total success of overcoming the control sugar has had in your life. It shows you that you did beat the sugar addiction and you can continue to do it as a way of life.

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