New Year – Are you Ready to STOP the Insanity with this Sugar?

Balloon Lantern Fireworks by piyato1 300x199 New Year   Are you Ready to STOP the Insanity with this Sugar?Happy New Year!

So, are you ready?  Ready to finally see what its like to NOT struggle with this sugar addiction anymore?  A New Year can be a great time to re-evaluate your life and look at some changes you would like to make.

Let’s look at the last year….have you enjoyed struggling with sugar?  You know, the whole package of it, not just the flavor.  The mood swings, cravings, feeling SO tired, hot flashes, depression and so on.

What are your negative side effects?  Many people are different in how a sugar addiction affects their body. If you wonder if you even are a sugar addict, I encourage you to take this quiz to find out for real, or to see what level you might struggle.  

I really encourage you to think about your life and this issue with sugar.  Is there more positive then negative that comes from it?

Sure you may enjoy the flavor and that initial rush or calming from the serotonin but after that wears off, how is it? No fun, I know!  I was a sugar addict for 30 years so trust me, I know.

But I had to come to a point in my life too that I said, “Enough is enough!  I am SICK of this and I am not going to put up with it anymore!”

Are you there yet? Is it time in 2013 for you to experience how great your life can be without this issue with sugar?

Many people are thinking about all of the health issues that are caused from too much sugar and did you know that they are now calling Alzheimer’s, Type 3 Diabetes?  They are calling it this because they are finding it also has to do with insulin resistance which can get caused when you constantly eat foods that spike your blood sugar levels, like sugar and excess carbohydrates.

So if you are ready, I would like to come alongside you and help you. Take a look at my 14 day program to overcome  your sugar addiction.  Its worth a shot to just look at it right? Click here to check it out and Happy New Year!!!!