Natural Fear to Coming off a Sugar Addiction?

I wonder… is there a natural fear or concern to overcoming your sugar addiction and sugar cravings? Like if you thought about not having this sugar addiction anymore, does that bother you?  Why do you think?  Do you think you will be missing out on something?  That your life won’t be as complete without sugar?

I know that feeling… for I used to be addicted to sugar.

Yes, this is a little bit of a feeling of the unknown of what your life will be like without it.  Well let me tell you from experience, its WONDERFUL!  No more crashes, sugar cravings, sadness, shame, guilt from hiding it, lying about it… no more edginess, hot flashes, PMS… no more achy joints, headaches, sugar withdrawals or foggy thinking. Not more running around like a junkie for my next fix thinking this “last time” is going to satisfy me, I don’t miss that life AT ALL! That is what life is like not being addicted to sugar.  Its great!

At first did I think that?

No way! I thought I would always have sugar cravings and never be free from them, especially since I liked sugar.

Video: ”Overcoming the Natural Fear to Coming off a Sugar Addiction”

It took some time to overcome the part of my life that was conditioned to eat sugar all the time, want it and never feel like each time I ate it was enough.  If you want to see a quick video I made called ”Overcoming the Natural Fear to Coming off a Sugar Addiction”, watch this video below.

Maybe you don’t even know if you have a sugar addiction or not, click this link to self-diagnose yourself.