My Story

Hello friend! You can read my story below and watch my story in a video.

I feel like I know you because I know what you are dealing with – struggling with sugar addiction.  I am so excited to have the opportunity to give you the key to overcoming your sugar addiction challenge!  This information comes from my 30 years of experience as a sugar addict and the years it took me to have started dealing with it until I truly overcame it.

And I truly believe that being able to go through all that pain and frustration just so I could help YOU, it was worth it!  I honestly might not have said that in the midst of my pain, but now that I am on the other side of it, I know it was totally worth it.  I poured my heart and soul into this so you can be free too, so enjoy!

I want to talk to you about freedom.  To some people, freedom is being able to eat anything they want.  At some points, it can, indeed, be called freedom.  However, that kind of freedom comes with a price, sometimes as grand as addiction, which is the OPPOSITE of freedom!  If you are having sugar cravings and you are no longer choosing the food but instead the food is choosing you; THAT is not freedom!

When you are bound in an addiction where you feel like it controls you, that is NOT freedom.  Now that sugar doesn’t control me anymore, I have achieved a feeling of freedom like I have never known before and that is the freedom of being completely over my sugar addiction.  I would have never thought that it would be so wonderful until I experienced it and that is why I am so excited for you, too!

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You see, my sugar addiction started when I was a child, as early as I can remember.  There are also many sugar addicts in my family, but I am, as far as I know, the only that one that is no longer addicted to sugar.  You know how family is: they normally won’t listen to you.  I have tried to encourage them to also be free from it but… it’s family.  What can you do?   My earliest memory of sugar was when I was 5 years old, living on the beach in California.  We were begging my mom for sugar so she had us run all the way down to this blue barrel at the end of the beach which seemed like a mile for a 5 year old.  We had to touch it and run back and then she would ‘reward’ us with Elephant ears (dough covered in cinnamon and sugar) she would bake in the oven.

At least she was encouraging us to exercise! As the years progressed, my sugar addiction was fed by my grandparents always having chocolate and sweets for us grandkids and to this day, both of my grandmas are still addicted to sugar.  They had chocolate everywhere at their homes so I knew if I went over there, I was going to pig out on chocolate, and it was acceptable because everyone else did, too.  They had it everywhere: on the counter, in the fridge, in the freezer, and always offered it to us.

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I ate sugar all the time!  When I was 8 years old, my sister and I would go through the cupboards to find a box of cake mix and hide on the floor to eat the batter.  We would throw the box away, hoping my grandma wouldn’t find it. I didn’t even have to bake this stuff; I just wanted the flavor and the ‘fix’. Then when I was 10, I remembered scrounging for change in the couch seat cushions, going to the local drug store with my sister and buying 10 chocolate bars so we could gorge on them. In my early teens, I would buy bulk bags of candy bars and hide them in my desk, eating them all day long.

I don’t even recall how I got them, if my mom bought them or not, but I know I always had them.  And I couldn’t stop thinking about it – one was never enough.  That is why I often ate until I felt ill because I just never felt fully satisfied. I even snuck out of my house as ‘Casper the Ghost’ with a sheet on my head when I was grounded on trick or treat day just so I could ‘get my fix’.

My sugar addiction got much worse as an adult as I started experiencing stress and would turn to sugar for comfort.  The sugar just seemed to take over; I felt like some kind of addict.  I would gorge on pastries, cookies, chocolate – basically anything I could get my hands on.  I would eat 8 donuts at a time, whole cakes, 10 – 15 cookies – be careful don’t find yourself salivating reading these things (that is why I am printing them smaller!).  Honestly, that is one reason why I won’t go into a lot of details for I don’t want to ‘‘trigger’’ you either.  I will mostly just say sugar and not many specifics. Anyway, I felt like it controlled me, like it ‘talked’ to me and if I felt a craving; I felt like I HAD to give in.

Do you know what that is like?  It’s the worst feeling but you don’t feel like you can do anything about it, do you? I was also an impulsive eater. If I saw it, I felt like I HAD to eat it; I honestly had NO self-control. And I actually had a binging problem where I could consume 3000 to 4000 calories in a meal and not just sugar – but also pizza, fried food, anything I was craving.  It was so bad that one time I was craving brownies really bad so I left the house to get them… and cookies to bake… and a cake to make.  Oh, boy!  I ate almost all of it in one night and added up the calories… it was almost 10,000 calories. I had a few leftovers in the morning of brownies, but what happened next shocked me!

When I got up to have brownies for breakfast, I pulled off the towel I had over them on the counter and found they were covered in red fire ants!  What was I to do?  I got to thinking quick because I was the kind of person that taught myself I had to eat it all or it would come back and get me; the cravings would be worse if I didn’t finish it.  Now, we know that’s a lie because they always came back anyway! I said to myself, “You know I could probably brush those off”, so I literally went out in the yard, brushing off thousands of red fire ants as I was fighting them off from attacking my hands.  It was in that moment, that I realized I really had a problem!  Here I was … this health and fitness expert, number-one producing trainer out of 2000 trainers – standing in her yard fighting off fire ants for my ‘fix’.  Very sad, I know!

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I had realized I had issues with sugar in many other moments, but sometimes there are those distinct moments that you really look at yourself and say, “Woah!  What and who was that?!” The ironic thing is that sugar addiction continued even while I became a fitness professional, personal trainer and weight loss expert!  I was working at a gym where I was the number one producing personal trainer out of 2000 trainers when I was at the height of my sugar addiction, NO ONE knew about it.  I was also going through one of the most stressful times in my personal life.  My husband was dealing with severe depression and it was very difficult.  On top of that, we were also living in a 36-foot camper that we had bought because we were building a house. This set-up sounded like a good idea for about 48 hours with 3 large dogs, 4 cats and my husband’s episode of depression; it became evidently clear that was not one of our best ideas!  What was supposed to take only 6 months took a year and we lived in that camper for 4 months with no running water or electricity.

My husband had to fill a generator every 12 hours with gas to give power to our camper. You could only turn on two items in the camper at one time or it would blow up the generator!  Talk about stress!  And you couldn’t turn the A/C on with the computer at the same time in the summer in Florida! My way of coping was to turn to food and try and “stuff down” and numb the stress.  The ironic thing is that stuffing your mouth takes your mind off whatever is causing you stress for only a few minutes – then you feel more sad, ashamed, full, bloated and anxious from what you just ate! I can say when they put that power pole in and ran electricity to our camper, I immediately did two things: 1) ran over to the power pole and gave it a big hug and 2) turned on EVERYTHING I could find in that camper at the same time!  But because issues were still going on and I didn’t learn how to cope, I still comforted myself with food and sugar.

My sugar addiction was so bad that one time at the gym where I worked, they had their 20th anniversary party – which meant lots of fattening food and cake (in a gym- go figure!).  I grabbed this huge sheet of left-over cake that was literally 2 feet long by 1 foot wide and I hid it in the cabinet in the break room.  I ate nothing but cake for THREE DAYS!  I was hiding back there hoping no other staff was going to walk in and find cake on my face! I made sure I ate some chicken here and there because I knew I needed protein, but I ate mostly cake for three days! And the wild thing is that was only about 6 years ago.

You may relate to those situations I have dealt with or you may not.  Maybe you just eat a little bit of sugar every day, but you also don’t feel like you can stop and just wonder why you don’t feel good.  You have the ups and downs and cravings and crashes.  I went through that too, from the extreme of my sugar addiction to the not-so extreme.

No matter what level of sugar addiction you have, I can help you because I have been one of the worst sugar addicts I have ever met! The sugar addiction had control over my life.  I had all the head knowledge of what to do; I was a health expert, for crying out loud, but the addiction to sugar took over and I didn’t know how to stop it. I would try to stop eating it but nothing seemed to work.  You know those things you say, “That’s it! I am NEVER eating this again!”  Then that might work for a day, until the cravings come back.  Then once the sugar cravings come back, it’s as if all morals fly out the window and you just don’t care anymore.  The urge to eat sugar seems stronger than your desire to stay off of it.  Then a bizarre thing happened in 2004, when I finally reached a point where I didn’t binge on regular food anymore.

It was a miracle that I got over that because I used to eat about 4000 calories at a time.  But the sugar addiction didn’t disappear; I struggled with that for another 6 years. One thing that inspired me to stop bingeing was getting busted by a total stranger!  I was at a local pizza place and since I am a known local ‘celebrity’ from writing articles, having a TV show and a radio show,  a lot of people recognize me.  Usually this recognition would keep my bingeing restricted to inside my car, but my cravings took over and I wanted to go to the ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet of pizza (I choose not to EVER eat at buffets anymore because they are just too much a ‘‘trigger’’ to pig out).  So I had about 7 pieces of pizza, then 3 pieces of dessert pie and the server walks over to me, hands me my check, looks down at all the empty plates that had serve the food I had eaten and looks back at me with a puzzled look on her face.  She said, “Aren’t you that health expert in the paper?”  Oh no!  I couldn’t believe it!  I didn’t know what to say.

I said, “Oh, yeah.  Oh, this?  This is a cheat meal.  Didn’t you read my article in the paper about having cheat meals?”  She looked at me, said, ”Whatever!” and took off.  I was devastated.  Now my best kept secret was exposed and I was humiliated. Remember, I was a ‘closet’ eater! NO ONE knew of the problems I had with food.  To me, this was like being put on the news, “Local health expert, Samantha Taylor, caught pigging out on 4000 calories at a pizza buffet!”  That was enough for me.  I went back to the gym to get in the treadmill to try and burn off some of these calories. As I was on the treadmill tears started streaming down my face.  I was miserable and I knew it.  I also knew that food was not the answer anymore; it was only making things worse.  Then I really started to get some revelation about my body being a temple and that it was a gift.  That is when things honestly started to change for me with binging.  Over the next few months, I was slowly set free from my bingeing problem.  Yea!  The bingeing stopped BUT I still was a sugar addict for almost 6 more years – go figure!

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Even though I had overcome the bingeing on regular food for a few years, those were some of the toughest years with sugar addiction I had experienced, going on and off of sugar.  I actually went on and off it about 50 times over that 6 year period.  The ups and downs, the emotional roller coaster, the constant cravings, the bloated feeling – I was miserable.  I tried everything: Candida cleanses, detoxes, finally going off of it for a few weeks but it was always calling me back to it. It was like this dysfunctional relationship that I just kept going back to for the good parts and so easily forgetting about the bad parts that were really negatively affecting my life!

I felt like a failure; not only from having sugar control me, but for being a health expert at that. People paid me money to help them get healthy and I even had my own health talk radio show!  But I didn’t know what to do; I just couldn’t stop. I was rather embarrassed, feeling like a hypocrite, but I just didn’t know how to stop.  Do you experience that too, wanting to stop but you don’t know how?  Have hope because I have found the solution and you are about to experience it!

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One day, six years ago, I was finally so fed up with the constant struggle, I kind of ‘woke up’ and decided to start reading about what sugar was and what it does to the body.  I had never done that before and I was so shocked to find out how toxic and poisonous many experts believed it to be.  The more I read, the more I was convinced that I had to figure out a way to stop eating it but I was scared to; I didn’t know how. I thought my life would be boring without it.

I was also encouraged to understand from what I read that I wasn’t just some freak that had no self-control. Sugar was actually doing things on my body that was causing me to crave it like an addict. But I didn’t want to stop eating it because I didn’t know what my life would be like without sugar and I feared it just wouldn’t be complete. However, the more I studied it, the more I knew I had to find a way to stop eating it. I also started doing seminars about healthy eating and I knew I couldn’t be a hypocrite anymore.

With that motivation, along with learning more about sugar, I finally, for the first time in my life, was able to stop eating it.  It was like a miracle!  And I literally stayed off it for about 6 months.  I felt so amazing I could hardly stand it. I vividly remember sitting in my car thinking, “If I felt any better, I think I might explode!”  I felt that awesome. Then… wait for it… I went on vacation.  Uh oh – I wasn’t ready for that one and it all began again!  I wasn’t prepared for what would happen when I started eating it again and I found myself addicted for another few miserable years, seeking, crashing, craving… all over again.  I was so mad!  How did this happen? Everything I tried, again, failed; that was so frustrating.

Before long, I found myself back to over-indulging in sugar until I felt ill, continuing to tell myself I wasn’t going to eat it anymore.  But, I didn’t know how to stop the sugar addiction – I felt trapped. That really stunk because sugar also made me so tired all the time, distracted, unable to focus, forgetful and very irritable.  I was so fatigued I would literally fall asleep in my car at stop lights in my twenties, as a personal trainer!  The sugar addiction was zapping my energy and I didn’t even realize it.  I was also experiencing a lot of sugar addiction withdrawals since I would go on and off sugar continually.

All I ever really wanted to do was to be free from the control the sugar addiction had in my life. But I just honestly felt trapped.  I was like a prisoner in my own body and was chained down by the hold of sugar had on me. I was some fitness expert who secretly harbored this sugar addiction that NOBODY knew about; not even my husband.  I felt so alone.

I was a ‘closet’ eater.  I would get candy bars, pastries and such, eat them in my car and throw out the evidence.  I knew I had to hide it and to do that, I learned to gorge mostly in the privacy of my car.  Being somewhat well-known in the area, I felt like I had to be secretive about it. People knew who I was from having a radio show, television spot on the news and writing articles in the local papers and I was always running into people who recognized me, which made it more difficult.  That made me realize I just couldn’t handle the shame of eating it in public.  I had gotten past the bingeing and now it was the sugar. (And thank God, I had been free from the bingeing problem for over 6 years but that is a whole other program I will be making.)

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I had this love/hate relationship going on with sugar.  I loved the flavor and the initial high but I hated the cravings, the crash and the feeling of being out of control. I found that no matter how much I ate, it never satisfied me and I always wanted more. Then in November of 2009 I reached my ‘I’ve had enough!’  You can only beat your head against the wall so many times before you, would hopefully, realize it’s not a good idea to do that. I had cried in my car enough times; I had felt ill enough times; and I had said I was going to stop eating it enough times. I had eaten so much sugar that I felt like it was coming out of my skin.  I knew by the way I felt that this stuff was slowly sucking the life out of me! I felt like something was wrong with me and I was sick and tired of feeling that way.

In November 2009, I actually had one of those ‘breaking points’ where I literally saw myself as living like two different people: a woman who was a health expert, who stood up and spoke in front of hundreds of people across the country to promote good health; and then this other person, who was like this confused, young girl trapped in a sugar addiction, like an addict that would lurk around looking for the next ‘fix’.  I had never really seen the distinct analogy until after I spoke at a Christian women’s conference, speaking in front of 600 women.  I was the ‘health expert’, everyone looked up to me to answer their questions about their health and fitness struggles.  About 3 months leading up to that speaking engagement, I decided, I needed to get serious about my issues with sugar.   I didn’t eat it much at all for I didn’t want to be a total hypocrite up there.  (Well, I have to start somewhere!)

The oddest thing was that, there were 2,000 women in the event, celebrating some class they did.  And to celebrate, they ordered about a thousand cupcakes, and they were EVERYWHERE!    I was inspired and so focused though; and that Friday, I was determined not to be ‘taken down’ by a cup cake.  The one thing I was NOT prepared for was what happened next. When I got home, I had this ridiculous, almost insane craving to have those things they were eating at the event.  I felt angry, left out, and like they got to have it while I couldn’t.  Something clicked in me and I just could not stop thinking about them.  I was on a search to find them like some drug addict looking for a fix.  I went from the strong, powerful woman on stage, who could boldly speak to thousands about health, to this beaten down, is a struggling girl who wanted a fix!

It was honestly VERY weird to experience the two extremes in only a few days’ time. Needless to say, I fell and I ate those things for a week straight!  It was a sad, humiliating experience.  From the fall of my self-image being ‘that woman’ on stage was back to the ‘girl’ who was a sugar fiend again, it only took about a week to stop eating sugar, though I still had to deal with that other painful, humiliating experience for two weeks.  I remember being devastated in my living room.  I was very sad, humbled and frustrated by switching from the high of being the health expert, who was so strong, to the low of hitting the ground, chasing after sugar.  I was groveling to find myself again and get back up.  My husband and I were actually sitting on the carpet because I was weeping uncontrollably, crying like a baby.  I was an emotional wreck from the sugar crash but also the emotional crash (which is funny to me now because I really don’t cry that much!).  I said, “I can’t believe I have let this happen.  I am a health expert. I know better than this.  I am so sick of this. I am so fed up with feeling so inadequate.  I want to travel the world and help people overcome their health problems and yet I can’t even overcome my own.”  One thing about my husband that always amazes me is he has a real gift for encouraging me whenever I’m down.  He always knows the right things to say and always lifts me up.  I sure wish I could do that for him as well as he does for me (I’m working on it).

Since he was on the carpet too, he crawled over to me and put me in his arms and held me while I cried.  He caressed my hair as I wept so deeply, as though someone died.  I felt like a part of me was dying; the part that was an addict.  And even though it hurts, I was happy about it.  I didn’t want the good part of me to die (the health expert and the part of me that cared about my health); I was going to fight with everything I had to not let that happen.  As he caressed my hair, he whispered, “Honey you are going to get through this; you will make it.  One thing I know about you is you always rebound.  You are a survivor and you can do this.”  Part of me perked up when I heard that, even though in my pain I didn’t know if I totally believed him.  However, part of me did and that is the part to which I clung.  Maybe you don’t have anyone like that in your life that encourages you but you do now… You can do this, you are going to make it… you are a survivor and I am going to show you how to get the control of this substance out of your life so you don’t have to suffer anymore!  That’s why I write about Sugar Addiction, for YOU, to be your cheerleader and encourager – that YOU can do this, too!

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After that experience of rolling around on the ground crying like a baby, I knew I should set an appointment with my counselor that week. I was so upset that I had slipped back into my old habits.  As it was only my second day off sugar, I was a little down.   Finding the right counselor for you is really good; I think they are great to have.  Having a really good one is like having a mentor in your life, who you can share all your struggles with that you can’t share with anyone else.  You can be vulnerable and you can trust them to not judge you and for them to tell you the truth. You can express your true feelings of joy, anger or pain and they don’t take it personally. As I was speaking to her about what happened, I was so upset I was crying again in the session about my so-called failure. She kept saying, “You need a plan.”  I got angry and said, “I have a plan, I am a health expert, for crying out loud, who knows about and understands the negative aspects of sugar!”  She said confidently, “Yes you are but you still need a plan; you don’t have a plan.”  Each time she said that, I got angrier (FYI: Do not mess with a woman who is coming off sugar and her monthly cycle!).  I said, “I have a plan!”

She kept putting the truth back to my face, “No you don’t.  You need a solid plan of what you are going to do in the times you struggle and what you are going to do if you eat sugar again.  You need a solid plan of how you are going to protect yourself and not let this happen again.”  I sat there fuming but as I took more deep breaths and calmed down, I realized she was right.  I clenched my hands onto the couch as I looked at the fake plant she had in the corner.  There was a part of me that knows what she was saying was the answer; I really did need a plan.  But my pride in my career and knowledge blinded me so I couldn’t see it at that moment. I did have lots of knowledge about sugar, but she was right. I didn’t really have a plan of how to actually deal with temptation.  I recorded an audio of that session with my counselor – maybe one day I will share it with you as part of a bonus for my Inner Circle Members.

Then I stopped having a pity party after the session and realized she was right and that I must come up with a plan; that is when I started developing this program.  I started recording EVERY time I thought about sugar, craved for it, ate it and also when I didn’t eat it even when I wanted to.  I put in my journal every interaction with it and started to understand it on a completely different level.  That is how I know I have come up with my Sugar Addiction program and why I am known as the Sugar Addiction Specialist. With pieces of the puzzle I was missing when I came off of it before and from what I have learned since, I am now completely free of the control of sugar over my life!

As I started to come off of it, the best part was that it’s a lot easier this time because I really changed my approach of how I was to be rid of the addiction for good. I did go through a short sugar addiction detox but nothing major and it only lasted a few days. With these new tactics I was using, the experience started to change when I did eat it. Sugar wasn’t even enjoyable anymore and it didn’t even taste very good.   That was shocking to me! That’s when something clicked and everything changed for me.

It was like having a ‘Ah – HA!’ moment.  At that moment I realized there are better ways to come off of sugar and not crave it the way I had done it before. Many of the books I have read seemed so strict; and it freaked me out that I would never be able to have sugar again.  I didn’t like that approach. They didn’t teach me about my relationship with sugar and why I really had the addiction. They just said I was hooked because of these other reasons that didn’t seem to totally relate to me. So I went on a journey to find out which of it was true for me. Within the next year, I was beginning to experience sugar in a completely different way.

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I had not come off of it totally, but it slowly began to lose its control over me as I ate it less and less. I would eat it, but I felt that I HAD control over it!  I could take a few bites and stop and I could say, “No!” in situations, where I used to be tempted. Now that was something different! Before this experience, when I was in the midst of being addicted to sugar, I could count on one hand the times I had EVER had sugar and not turning it into a problem of me bingeing on it for days or weeks on end.  Before, it was like once that door had opened and I ate sugar, I wanted more and more.  It was like this freight train that couldn’t be stopped destroying things in its path. I also told myself, I couldn’t eat it anymore so once I did, it was like my brain went on a free for all and just ate as much as I could until I was sick of it.  That is one thing I learned that I don’t tell myself that I can’t eat something.

Over the next few years, I tracked, tested and tweaked each interaction with sugar.  I wrote it all down, everything to the ‘T’ of what I felt, thought about and experienced when I craved it and when I gave in; basically the whole experience. I finally felt like I had reached an understanding of sugar that I had never had before.  Instead of just quitting it cold turkey, over the last few years I learned all of the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of sugar: why I ate it, why I craved it, how I got myself to stop eating it and how I could walk right by it and not even want it. And as of November 2009, I have finally overcome my addiction to sugar!   I am FREE from it and it is so exciting! It’s so wonderful now to be able to eat it every once in a while and NOT EVEN crave it after.  And most of the time, I stop at a few bites because it now tastes too rich and sweet.  I don’t EVEN want to finish the rest of it.

So the bottom line here is: After being a sugar addict for 30 years, I realized that I had two choices when it came to eating sugar:

1)  I could go the rest of my life and not have it again (that was not a rigid system I wanted to live by)


2)    I could learn how to eat it occasionally and NOT crave it (that solution sounded better to me!)

There you have it… that is how I overcome my Sugar Addiction and why I help others just like you, do the same thing.  I have done all the hard work and kept track of the entire experience I went through with sugar over the last few years. Now, you can be free from a sugar addiction, too! BUT you are going to do it in just 14 days, when it took me a lot longer since I didn’t have these types of resources you now have in your hands. Life is so much better when you feel like you have control and you have broken out of that frustrating sugar addiction and are FREE from it.  I can’t wait for you to experience the same thing.  And you WILL be free from it, too, as you follow the advice I give you.

I will tell you in advance that I don’t have all the answers and what I am telling you is neither right nor wrong; it’s just the experience I had of 30 years of dealing with this addiction.  I may say some intense or extreme things but it’s because of how much of a control sugar used to have over me and how happy I am to be free from that!  You may not agree with everything I say, which is okay. Just take from this is what can help you personally.  Most of all, I hope you are inspired to make positive changes in your life. I hope that some walls of denial are broken down and you are challenged to really look at what consuming sugar has been doing in your life.

Some of you are going to be more addicted than others and some of you are going to read this and totally relate to everything I am saying.  Some of you are not going to relate to all of it and that is okay, too.  Just take what you can from this and let it transform and reshape the way you think about sugar, hopefully, seeing it in a different way then you did before.   My hope is that after you overcome your Sugar Addiction, you will look at it as a turning point in your life and realize distinctly, “Wow, that was my life before being addicted!” and “After overcoming your Sugar Addiction, I am on my way to a better, healthier, happier life and I cannot wait to share my testimony with Samantha!”  That is how much I believe in what you have in your hands, for I know I didn’t go through all of that pain and frustration for nothing!   I also believe in YOU and I care about YOU, even though I don’t know you personally; I have felt your pain, your tears and your feelings of hopelessness.  We are going on this journey together so buckle your seat belt and get ready to laugh and cry! Help is here!!!

Why would you want to listen to what I have to say since I am no longer a sugar addict?

There are 2 great reasons to listen to me: my experience in overcoming my 30-year addiction to sugar and my experience in helping hundreds overcome their addiction, too.   In addition, I have also learned many things over the last 18 years of being a health professional.   I am not saying these things to impress you, but to impress upon you that I am definitely qualified to teach you these things.  I had my own addiction challenges that are also backed up by my education and experience.  I started exercising and resistance training 18 years ago.  I have been a personal trainer for 14 years, have personally trained and counseled almost 1000 women and have become the number one producing personal trainer in a corporate gym out of 2000 trainers.  Now I currently own my own personal training studio for women, where I have 3 trainers working for me and we actively have over 100 clients. I have had my own Christian health talk show on the radio for a year. I hosted a live television spot on the morning news, travel nationally and speak on health and weight loss to colleges, businesses, churches, conventions and have done over 150 seminars.  I overcame an eating disorder 7 years ago; have healed from different forms of abuse done to me as a child;  and have authored 5 books. I have been reading and studying the mind and how to improve it for over 15 years, having read over 300 books on the topics of the mind, nutrition, self-improvement and the like. I have written articles weekly and monthly in the local papers in my community for over 7 years and have become known as the top health and fitness expert in my area.  Before I became a personal trainer I completed 5 years of college, focusing on pre-med, business and psychology averaging a 3.5 GPA.  I changed my major so many times, I was about a year away from two different bachelor’s degrees but decided I wanted to be an Entrepreneur after all and left college to start my own company 15 years ago.

So here I am, blessed to be in a position to inspire you and I do not take that lightly.  I take that with great responsibility, which is why I have poured all that I am into  helping you overcome a Sugar Addiction.  This is a compilation of the things I have learned over the 30 years of struggle with food and sugar addiction; what I have learned from the thousands I have helped; and the 14 years of being enveloped in the health and fitness field as my career.  My life used to be a wreck in so many ways and I am finally living life in the ‘sweet spot’: doing really well mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and enjoying a peaceful life with my wonderful husband and our dogs – enjoying the whole package for over 19 years!

A quick recap of the journey of how I finally got off sugar to be able to show you how to do it in only 14 days:

1) Was addicted to it my whole life (I am almost 37, was addicted to it for over 30 years)
2) About 7 years ago, I started studying how unhealthy sugar is and that helped me get off it for 6 months.
3) After a vacation, I fell back into a sugar addiction that went on for a year.
4) Stopped eating sugar again and found that when I would fall back into it, the sugar addiction would last for months and months on end instead of a year, which was an improvement
5) Then I kept learning more and if I started eating it again, it would only last for a month at a time
6) Then a few weeks at a time
7) Then a few days at a time
8) And now I have sugar rarely!

I have completed the most important challenge and that is: To never forget or take for granted the control sugar can have over you and to stay away from anything that will tempt you to let your guard down. Read this blog and you WILL learn from my trial, failures and winning on how to minimize your consumption and keep your guard up.  That is a VERY valuable thing for us all to pay attention to!

I look forward to helping you overcome your sugar addiction and if you want to check out my 14 day Sugar Addiction Solution, click here.