Christmas is almost here – Oh my for the Sugar Addict!

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Most can admit, struggling with a sugar addiction is hard enough on its own, then you add all of these holidays with more sugar….everywhere!  That is one reason why so many people get sick this month because sugar supresses the immune system and many eat way more then they normally do.

I don’t know about you but I use to use the holidays as a reason to PIG OUT on sugar and say, “Well, it’s a holiday.”  or “Oh it’s on sale.”  or “Everyone else is eating it.”

The point is, no matter what the excuse is you give yourself to gorge, you can still be left with the frustration of the after math.  You will know from my other articles on this blog, that if you can have it with balance and it not control your life, then go right ahead.  But my experience shows that is not the mindset of most people that wound up on this site, seeking help for a sugar addiction.

Honestly, for some people, it really is so much more then just a bad habit.  It has become something that really controls them and even if they just stop those bad habits, if they don’t deal with the reasons why they keep picking up that sugar, then they are going to go right back to it.

I know from experience!  Off and on, off and on, it was a never ending battle for many years of my life.

Until I really understood more what was going on in my body with sugar:

1) Why did I have sugar cravings?

2) Was I eating sugar for stress relief or to comfort me?

3) What do I do if I have sugar cravings?

4) How can I have sugar one time and it not turn into an all out ‘free for all’?

There can actually be physiological reasons why you crave sugar constantly and when you can address those issues, then you can have no more cravings.  Yes, NO MORE cravings!  I know its hard to believe for many I have had the privilege to read the answers to the quiz they took, over 4000 people have actually taken this quiz and with all of that research, I have heard your heart as well…

…For most of you, this has been a life long struggle, you have tried to stop eating it but you don’t feel like you can stop, you feel like it ‘controls’ you in a way – ‘talking to you’ all of the time and most of you certainly don’t know how to have it just one time to enjoy it so it doesn’t turn into eating it every day or multiple times  a day.  I KNOW what all of this is like because that is how I used to live my life.  But thank God its no longer that way anymore and its wonderful to be free from the frustration of always having sugar cravings!

If you want to take the quiz I was talking about, click here, it will help self-diagnose whether you are a sugar addict or just someone who has a habit of eating sugar.

Remember, an addiction is something that almost seems beyond your control, you have tried to stop but there is this driving, pulling force within you that compels you to keep feeding the addiction (no matter what it is).  And the definition of addiction is doing something compulsively even though there may be negative consequences for your life but you still do it anyway.

So, all that being said, how do you have balance this month with all of these extra things around.  Here are a couple of tips:

1) Chill out!  Don’t over think things too much. So what? There is temptation everywhere, you are not a dog.  You are a human being with a spirit, mind and intellect that God has given you the ability to make wise decisions.  You don’t have to live by following every impulse that comes your way.

2) Tell yourself, that you are NOT going to use this month as an excuse to just eat whatever you want.  I am all for balance and having whatever you want to eat, sometimes.  The problem becomes when you do that all of the time.  One thing I had to overcome was the legalistic mindset that I could never have sugar again. That didn’t work for me and won’t for many of you.  I can choose to have sugar whenever I want, I just don’t choose….anymore….to have it everyday. Its more on a special occassion kind of thing instead of a daily life of eating sugar all of the time.  I will admit though, it did take me a while to figure out how to be able to do this.  Now I can go a month or two without having it and LOVE being able to do that.

3)  Keep your blood sugar more balanced by being cautious of how many carbs you eat overall.  I honestly didn’t realize that the HUGE amount of carbs I was eating daily, was also increasing my cravings for sugar.  I can tell you with total sincerity that when I haven’t had sugar for a few weeks, my blood sugar levels are balanced by not eating a lot of carbs that I do NOT HAVE ANY cravings for sugar.  It’s wonderful too!  That way its more of a choice to eat it instead of this ridiculous pull, driving me to eat it.  Big difference.  I even walked down the baking aisle on accident yesterday in the grocery store and was not tempted AT ALL!  It was awesome!  Now the ‘old me’ would have never been able to do that!

If some of these things have really resonated with you and you want to find out how to have the kind of victory I have been telling you about, then I am going to give you a one time only 15% off coupon code for my sugar addiction product.  I want to motivate you to start studying this stuff NOW so you can have more victory.  Enter code DECEMBER when you go to check out.  You can even share this on your face book page to encourage others you care about, it can be great accountability too!  Click this link to find out about my 14 Day Sugar Addiction Solution and to use the secret coupon code just for those of you that made it to the end of this article! I am proud of you for searching out a way to overcome this because the freedom from it… wonderful!

Merry Christmas!