Sugar Addiction

Are you Sick of this Sugar Addiction Yet

Yes you do have to get sick of a sugar addiction before I think you will really do anything about it.  It is really that way with any addiction.  The thing is, sugar tastes good, it changes your moods, some of you get high from eating it, then crash.  There are things we like about it but until we look… READ FULL STORY »

Sugar Addiction No More. I Admit, I just ate Sugar!

Okay so here I am, this is my blog so I am real with what is going on in my life about my previous issue with a sugar addiction and any current things I might be dealing with.  I am actually, right now typing on my laptop at 1 am on the internet while my husband is driving, we just left this amazing horse/acrobat show… READ FULL STORY »

Natural Fear to Coming off a Sugar Addiction?

I wonder… is there a natural fear or concern to overcoming your sugar addiction and sugar cravings? Like if you thought about not having this sugar addiction anymore, does that bother you?  Why do you think?  Do you think you will be missing out on something?  That your life won’t be as complete without sugar? I know that feeling… for… READ FULL STORY »

New Year and Overcoming a Sugar Addiction

The New Year is here, did you set a goal to overcome your sugar addiction?  If so, how is it going?  If you are anything like I used to be, I would do really good for about a day, then totally blow it, feel ashamed, frustrated and unable to break being a sugar addict, be full of more sugar cravings… READ FULL STORY »

Exposed : Sugar Addiction

Addiction of Sugar??? I know that is a strong statement… ‘sugar addiction’, especially tied to something as seemingly innocent as sugar.  Well, I have learned people can be addicted to anything, not just drugs or alcohol. Have you ever seen that show called, ‘Hoarders’?  These people stock up on ridiculous amounts of things like cats, food or stuffed animals.  One… READ FULL STORY »