Sugar Addiction Specialist

My Grandma is a Drug Dealer!

Yes, its true, both my grandma’s are drug dealers and they are were pushing for my sugar cravings.  They didn’t know it but they were both contributors to the 30 year sugar addiction I had.  Was it their fault?  No but they sure didn’t help. For example, this picture was just taken this weekend, I was at my grandmas ranch… READ FULL STORY »

Today is a New Day for no More Sugar Addiction

One thing I love about life is you can start over each decision you make with your food and either having a sugar addiction or not.  Today is a new day.  You can decide TODAY that you are not going to tolerate living like this anymore. Are you fed up with the negative side effects of this sugar addiction? Are… READ FULL STORY »

Thomas Kinkade Death

I was shocked when I was in church on Easter today and heard of Thomas Kinkade’s death.  Mostly because I know he is a young guy and that he is one of the most popular artist’s in this nation, it is said that 1 in 20 people have one of his paintings hanging in their homes. I also was saddened because he was… READ FULL STORY »

Are you Sick of this Sugar Addiction Yet

Yes you do have to get sick of a sugar addiction before I think you will really do anything about it.  It is really that way with any addiction.  The thing is, sugar tastes good, it changes your moods, some of you get high from eating it, then crash.  There are things we like about it but until we look… READ FULL STORY »

Sugar Addiction No More. I Admit, I just ate Sugar!

Okay so here I am, this is my blog so I am real with what is going on in my life about my previous issue with a sugar addiction and any current things I might be dealing with.  I am actually, right now typing on my laptop at 1 am on the internet while my husband is driving, we just left this amazing horse/acrobat show… READ FULL STORY »