Sugar Addiction Specialist

A Turning Point in Life

Picture taken RIGHT after experiencing the Victory of not partaking…. Oh my!  WOW! The horse show Cavalia was amazing.  But what was even more amazing was I made it through without partaking in the feast of sugar everyone around me was eating.  Wow, does that feel great!  For that to even mean anything, I think it’s important for you to… READ FULL STORY »

Sugar Addiction – Fell off the Wagon?

I have to admit, dealing with being sensitive to sugar is not an easy thing to deal with.  Its a frustrating thing that if you don’t pay attention to, you can be in big trouble. Well, I am writing this because I fell off the wagon yesterday!  I know, I know, I can’ t believe it either! I do restaurant… READ FULL STORY »

Sugar Addiction Relapse?

What do you do if you have a Sugar  Addiction Relapse? Hi, Samantha Taylor here. I am in Nevada on a business trip and I talk about sugar addiction and how to overcome a sugar addiction. Check out my video above on what to do if you have a sugar addiction relapse, here is what I said if you would rather… READ FULL STORY »

Sugar Addiction GONE!

Well I made it, the sugar addiction is gone!  Yeah!!!! In my previous post I told you that I was going to California on business and it was going to be tough because they have all these fancy desserts and yes they were all over the place.  But I had decided I was SICK of the negative side effects of… READ FULL STORY »

Sugar Cravings Gone

Okay I admit it, the Sugar Addiction Specialist found herself back into sugar again, which contributed to all kinds of sugar cravings. Oh my! I am human though, just because I am an expert doesn’t mean I won’t struggle too sometimes. But I will say it was NOTHING to level of what I used to struggle, this time was more… READ FULL STORY »