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Sugar Cravings Caused from Other Foods?!

I have been doing a lot of reading lately and experimenting with food and I have to say, I honestly did NOT realize that the amount of regular carbs (not sugar) I was eating was contributing to my actual sugar cravings. When you eat food that constantly spikes your blood sugar levels (sugar and carbs) it can put your body of… READ FULL STORY »


New Year – Are you Ready to STOP the Insanity with this Sugar?

Happy New Year! So, are you ready?  Ready to finally see what its like to NOT struggle with this sugar addiction anymore?  A New Year can be a great time to re-evaluate your life and look at some changes you would like to make. Let’s look at the last year….have you enjoyed struggling with sugar?  You know, the whole package… READ FULL STORY »


Christmas is almost here – Oh my for the Sugar Addict!

Holidays and the Sugar Addict Most can admit, struggling with a sugar addiction is hard enough on its own, then you add all of these holidays with more sugar….everywhere!  That is one reason why so many people get sick this month because sugar supresses the immune system and many eat way more then they normally do. I don’t know about you but I use… READ FULL STORY »


Sugar Addiction – This Month is the Toughest

When you are struggling with a sugar addiction, this month can be the toughest of them all.  Many overdid it during Thanksgiving, now Christmas is almost here and the smell of fresh baked goods is in the air everywhere!  And the feel of it is, too, isn’t it? One mindset I caution you on is thinking, “Well, I will just get back… READ FULL STORY »


Sugar Addiction Freedom – Day 9

Check out this email a woman sent me that has been on my 14 day Sugar Addiction Solution, she is on day 9. Check this out….. Hello Samantha, I just wanted to say that I feel great today on day 9! Like you, this is not my first time. I’ve been dealing with sugar addiction and it’s side effects my… READ FULL STORY »