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“Someone Finally Understands me!”

I got this awesome email from a woman who has been on my program for only 7 days, listen to what she says…. “I am on day 7 of no sugar. I have been an addict for 20+ years but always thought I just had a binge eating disorder. I have recently realized thru your videos and manuscript that I… READ FULL STORY »

Watch out this week!

Holidays can be the toughest time for a sugar addict and for someone that really struggles with cravings. Especially the “holiday” Thursday because the entire theme is candy and sugar so watch out! I used to use it as an excuse to go pig out, everyone else is doing it, right? Well that is what it was, was an excuse.… READ FULL STORY »

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You Tube Video Comment

I do love it when I get comments like this on my you tube videos…..check this out…. “I just finished Samantha’s 14 day program to get off sugar. I’m free now for 30 days actually and I have to say she knows what she is talking about. You have to tweak it too, to your own body. I am fine… READ FULL STORY »

So what do you think

So what do you think?

Well one thing about having a blog and being in the public eye with your thoughts and opinions is that you will find people that either love what you teach or….not so much!  And believe me they both voice their opinion. I had this woman write me an email complaining that it was wrong that I tell people that you… READ FULL STORY »

Valentine Day - Love yourself!

Valentine’s Day – Love Yourself

I used to use this “holiday” as an excuse to gorge on chocolate.  And the day after with all of those sales.  Those days are over, thank GOD!  Today, I had no sugar or chocolate.  Why?  Not because I can’t but because I don’t want to.  I am done with that road, I am tired of the end it ALWAYS… READ FULL STORY »