Sugar Addict

What is a Sugar Addict?

Sugar Addict Defined Okay, so if you are reading this, there is a great chance that you’re wondering if you actually are a sugar addict.  I know that is difficult to say, all the more to admit: “ME, addicted to sugar?!”  What many sugar addicts have in common is the hard time they face coming to terms with the reality… READ FULL STORY »

Can you Really be a Sugar Addict?

It took me many years before I realized I was a sugar addict.  Yes, I know, I was shocked too, and that was a hard thing for me to admit, especially because I am a health professional.  You see, I struggled with a sugar addiction for 30 years; ever since I was a child, I was a sugar addict.  It… READ FULL STORY »

Hello Possible Sugar Addict!

Yes I know it seems odd to say or probably read that but its true, you can be addicted to sugar.  I will be adding great content, articles and videos to this site including a free internet seminar on how to break your Sugar Addiction so stay tuned!  By the way, my name is Samantha Taylor, Ex Sugar Addict, was… READ FULL STORY »