Can you Really be a Sugar Addict?

Ichocolate bite Can you Really be a Sugar Addict?t took me many years before I realized I was a sugar addict.  Yes, I know, I was shocked too, and that was a hard thing for me to admit, especially because I am a health professional.  You see, I struggled with a sugar addiction for 30 years; ever since I was a child, I was a sugar addict.  It all started with the sugar addicts in my family, mainly my grandmothers.  They were, and still are today, chocolate and sugar addicts.  I was just over at my grandmother’s last week and she was still pushing chocolate on everyone.  She even has a special fridge in the pantry just for chocolate; now, that is a sugar addict!  I do love and adore my grandma, but she definitely contributed to my sugar addiction.  I am thinking of doing a seminar one day about sugar called, “My Grandma is a Drug Dealer”. Ha, ha!  Yes, she was a pusher of the “other” drug called chocolate and candy. Yes, sugar does function like a drug in our body, and you can learn more about it in my article on sugar addiction. Anyhow, my grandma did say, “I know I love chocolate, but did you also mention I was a female pilot during the war?”  I said, “No, but I will.”  She is an amazing woman and she did fly planes that they would try to shoot down for target practice or she would fly them to check for mechanical problems and make sure they weren’t going to crash.  OH, now I get it!  She was emotionally coping by being a sugar addict.  Awe, it all makes sense now.  Well, thank God she made it out alive because I wouldn’t be here if she didn’t!

Are you really even a sugar addict, you can take “The Quiz” to self-diagnose whether you are or not, click here.


Okay, back to my article about being a sugar addict.

The answer is, yes, it is VERY possible to be a sugar addict and I think it’s important to test yourself to see if you are for its so frustrating and distracting to be plagued with constant sugar cravings. You can certainly check out a free internet seminar I am doing that will help you self-diagnose if you are a sugar addict or not.  You can watch it by clicking this link.  I think that “diagnosing” yourself is important because how else would you know if you were a sugar addict?  It’s not like the Doctor diagnoses you with it.

Take “The Quiz” to self-diagnose whether you even are a sugar addict or not, click here.

Unfortunately, many of them are clueless when it comes to sugar addiction because they rarely ask you about your nutrition when you go to them telling them you are not feeling well.  I don’t know how many sugar addicts have told me that that they went to the Doctor because they just thought something was wrong with them since they just felt so bad all the time.  The Doctor would run all kinds of tests and find nothing wrong with them.  But, when they applied what I taught them on how to break their sugar addiction, all of the sudden, they felt great.  Go figure! Check out this one great tool, a free video that I made for you called The 3 Mistakes Sugar Addicts Make and How to Avoid Them. So if you are wondering if you really are a sugar addict, I would say the best place to start is to watch my free internet seminar so you can really diagnose yourself for real.