Are you Sick of this Sugar Addiction Yet

Yes you do have to get sick of a sugar addiction before I think you will really do anything about it.  It is really that way with any addiction.  The thing is, sugar tastes good, it changes your moods, some of you get high from eating it, then crash.  There are things we like about it but until we look at the negative side of it, as part of the whole package, its hard to even think about giving that substance up, isn’t it? hand up 251x300 Are you Sick of this Sugar Addiction Yet

I know because I was a sugar addict for over 30 years and worked on overcoming the addiction to sugar for about 6 years.  Now I am in a place where I am learning how to stay away from it and not let it creep back into my life.  It is sneaky, I tell you.  One “innocent” cookie here, another “harmless” donut there, then all the sudden, BAM!  You are right back to struggling. Do you know what I am talking about?

Maybe you aren’t totally sure and you wonder if you are even have a sugar addiction, take this quiz to find out.

You do have to get fed up though, fed up with the ups and downs, the hot flashes, headaches, weight gain, anxiousness and lack of mental focus.  The list goes on and on!  I encourage you to get serious about this sugar addiction and do something about it by getting fed up and saying, “I am NOT going to take this anymore!!!!”  If you want help with your sugar addiction, you can see if my 14 day solution is right for you by clicking here.