Addicted to Sugar

addicted to sugar Addicted to SugarSure you like sugar but are you actually addicted to sugar?  I know I was a sugar feen for most of my life but I certainly didn’t think I was a sugar addict.  I thought I just loved the flavor of it and it became such a part of my life that it’s what I ate when I wanted it, when I was sad, when I was happy, when I was on my monthly cycle, when I had sugar cravings… it become my friend and enemy at the same time.  I ate it and ate it and ate it until one day about 8 years ago I started studying what sugar really is and what it does in our bodies.  I was shocked to find out that so many ‘Professionals’ were calling sugar a toxic poison – a “skeleton powder” – because it leaches calcium out of the bones (which is something that can cause osteoporosis). And since it is known as a poison you can certainly experience a sugar addiction detox.

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Addicted to Sugar as a Health Professional

The thing that really bothered me was I am a Health Professional, a Personal Trainer and a Weight Loss Consultant! …Yet, I struggled with a massive sugar addiction. I started presenting some seminars on health and I felt really convicted! I couldn’t be a hypocrite and get up there and talk about healthy eating and then go down 6 donuts or 10 cookies afterwards!  That is what began my journey to see if I really was addicted to sugar. Little did I know, I was extremely addicted and I didn’t realize it until I tried to stop eating sugar.

You can take “The Quiz” to self-diagnose whether you even are a sugar addict or not, click here.

I have discovered that when you try to stop a habit and cannot, THAT is when you realize how addicted you truly are!  I also discovered how bad my sugar addiction really was when it kept coming back. I became an expert at breaking the sugar addiction but I was no good at staying off of it.  I struggled with going on and off the sugar addiction about 50 times over a period of 6 years, experiencing a whole array of sugar withdrawals. The GOOD news is the withdrawals only last a few days to a week so it is TOTALLY worth going through them so that you can be free from the control of sugar in your life

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It’s Hard to Admit, “I am addicted to sugar.”

It’s a hard thing to actually say, “I am addicted to sugar.” But I can tell you from experience it can be very empowering as well. Realizing that and facing the possibility of actually dealing with a real sugar addiction can be the first step because you have to realize there is a problem before you can really fix it.  The interesting thing is that many who struggle with being addicted to sugar don’t even know they are, just like I didn’t.  So I have put together this FREE Internet Seminar for you to diagnose yourself. Click this link to register for the Seminar and see if you are actually addicted to sugar.