A Turning Point in Life

IMG 6237 300x199 A Turning Point in Life Picture taken RIGHT after experiencing the Victory of not partaking….

Oh my!  WOW! The horse show Cavalia was amazing.  But what was even more amazing was I made it through without partaking in the feast of sugar everyone around me was eating.  Wow, does that feel great!  For that to even mean anything, I think it’s important for you to know that even though I am a health professional and have been in this industry for 22 years, my biggest challenge was sugar.

I started to overcome the addiction to sugar, yes the addiction to it, about 5 years ago however if I open that door and have a little here and a little there, I can be in big trouble.  Meaning that “one time” because it’s a special occasion can turn into weeks or months of eating it daily, if I am not paying attentioncavalia full A Turning Point in Life.

So for me, going to this show and not eating it, is a HUGE victory for me!  Why?  Because I have seen this show many times and one of the things I used love about it was the intermission and gorging, overeating, totally indulging in sugar because it was a “special occasion”.  Yet only to leave myself an hour later feeling weird, eeked out, mentally spacy, irritable and tired….once the sugar high wore off.   

I will admit that since I have been off sugar now for 3 months, that “pull” I talk about sugar can have on you when you are in the midst of eating it, was not near as strong but it was still tough.  We are also in Denver so sitting outside wasn’t an option, so we were in the intermission room with about 300 other people gorging themselves on it.  I could smell it right wIMG 6231 300x199 A Turning Point in Lifehen we walked in the room.

That is when it hit me where I was and how many times I have partaking in this self-defeating fest.  My husband anIMG 6226 300x199 A Turning Point in Lifed I looked at each other like, “Uh oh, what are we doing in here?!” We were both tempted because of the situation but we both were focused.  We encouraged each other, telling each other what a mistake it would be and cavalia water running 300x183 A Turning Point in Lifehow we would only regret it.  We both remembereIMG 6238 300x199 A Turning Point in Lifed the last times we were there with a few small plates full of each thing they had up there.  So much so that I was embarrassed with how much I had, hoping I didn’t run into one of my clients or someone that read my articles because I usually see somebody who recognizes me no matter where I go!

As we walked in there, I had already prepared myself how I would handle if he chose to eat it because you can encourage someone not to do something but you certainly can’t control if they do or not. You have to make the decision for YOU regardless of what they are doing. I knew he wouldn’t if I wasn’t but what if he did?  Then you are dealing with a whole other level of temptation.

I decided I would tell him I would meet him back at the seats and I would not sit there with him if he ate it.  There is no reason to do that to myself.  I do know though that I was so determined, I could have sat there and watched him eat it and I wouldn’t have touched it.  But I am not ignorant…you don’t play with fire especially when I have had such an issue in the past.

But thank God we were both focused.  I think we both were remembering our trip to the Grand Canyon 2 years ago on my birthday and how we went off the deep end with sugar because of tCavaliahorseheads 300x260 A Turning Point in Lifehe “special occasion” but we paid for it deeply in all the negative side effects.

As I sat down, I did face away from the buffet table of destruction that everyone was going up to.  And yes I say it like that because I have been studying what sugar does to the body for over 5 years now, so much so that I made a product that is sold on the internet called the Sugar Addiction Solution, and since its my 40th birthday I am going to give YOU a discount!  Enter this code and you will get a 20% discount on my product AND on my advanced coaching if you choose to do that, this is a BIG savings. See if it’s right for you (Enter this code: CODE40 in the area on the left where it asks for a coupon).  Also sugar is everywhere right now being the end of October, you probably could really use this right now, the discount expires soon. Its a 14 day program to breaking your sugar addiction.  And I know that many of the people partaking in that frenzy, also struggle with sugar and have many health issues because of eating it for 10 years!

And I have read the quizzes of over 14,000 people that have taken my quiz to see if they are addicted to sugar, for some people it’s so much bigger of an issue then just having a few things at a special event.

As we sat there and talked, I did drink some coffee and had some water.  Good to be doing something instead of just sitting there.  Anyhow, we made it out of there without touching a thing!  As the time passed I started to feel REALLY empowered, REALLY encouraged.  I could believe it but yet it was also surprising to me that we actually did it!  I can say that is the first situation I have been in like that with my husband, th A Turning Point in Lifeat there were major triggers and we didn’t eat it that “one time”.  We can be each others greatest encouragers but also total enablers that if one wants to do it, then we try to drag the other one right into it too.   Do you know anyone like that in your life?

As we walked to our seats, I felt so great!  Like I was on some super power serum that was far better than any of that junk could have given me.  When we got back to our seats the lady next to us bragged about the stuff she ate and asked if we got some.  I told her nope, “I have been on a 3 month sugar detox, I feel great and I don’t want to touch that stuff!”  She looked at me like a deer in headlights.  So she could relate more I told her how much we used to go off on it and why we didn’t eat it this time.

As the show went on, I really realized that making it through this evening was cavalia water A Turning Point in Lifefor me what they call a “game changer”.  There are things that happen in your life where you turn a page, you turn a new chapter in the book of your life and things are different.  Leading up to my 40th birthday, things have been different because I have been planning differently and overcoming something that used to be such a challenge of mine in those special occasions.  I thought about how much better my birthday will be today, not crashing off all that sugar from the night before, only left on the same hamster wheel of eating it again just get rid of the crash.  I know the cycle and I am done with that.

I pray that I continue this journey and hope I can say I have made it another 3 months without even touching it.  Why not?  My life is so much better without that toxic substance.  The key is just getting away from it initially and choosing to stay away.

cavalia shadow A Turning Point in LifeI hope most of all you are encouraged by my story and that you too will take the 90 day challenge to eat no sugar.  I dare you to try it…..it can truly transform your life!  The first place you can start is 14 days, you will get a 20% discount on my product AND on my advanced coaching if you choose to do that, this is a BIG savings. See if it’s right for you (Enter this code: CODE40 in the area on the left where it asks for a coupon) Check this out….