Sugar Addiction Solution

14 Day System to Overcoming Your Sugar Addiction

First Video

  • In this video I talk to you about:
  • A step by step 14 day plan to get you free from sugar.
  • How to easily make it through the first 3 days
  • How to get motivated to take action and stay focused

Second Video

  • In this video I talk to you about:
  • Understanding what sugar does to the body and why you would want to be free from a sugar addiction
  • Understanding temptation and not being overtaken by it
  • How not to let bad habits erode your health away


  • Third Video – Watch this video after you completed your 14 days
  • Sugar Addiction Solution Manuscript
  • 14 Day Tracking your Success Calendar
  • 14 Day Success Certificate


Real Success Stories


“Sugar doesn’t tempt me anymore and if i do eat it, which is RARE,
It doesnt event taste like i use to remember, so i dont even
finish it. ” Continue Reading


Its been almost 9 months since i have been free from sugar
and i do NOT miss it at all. I am 6 and a half weeks pregnant and
dont crave it. I have it once in a while but it doesnt control me
anymore.” Continue Reading

Latest Posts

A Turning Point in Life

Picture taken RIGHT after experiencing the Victory of not partaking…. Oh my!  WOW! The horse show Cavalia was amazing.  But what was even more amazing was I made it through without partaking in the feast of sugar everyone around me was eating.  Wow, does that feel great!  For that to even mean anything, I think it’s important for you to… READ FULL STORY »

"Someone Finally Understands me!"

I got this awesome email from a woman who has been on my program for only 7 days, listen to what she says…. “I am on day 7 of no sugar. I have been an addict for 20+ years but always thought I just had a binge eating disorder. I have recently realized thru your videos and manuscript that I… READ FULL STORY »

Watch out this week!

Holidays can be the toughest time for a sugar addict and for someone that really struggles with cravings. Especially the “holiday” Thursday because the entire theme is candy and sugar so watch out! I used to use it as an excuse to go pig out, everyone else is doing it, right? Well that is what it was, was an excuse.… READ FULL STORY »

You Tube Video Comment

I do love it when I get comments like this on my you tube videos…..check this out…. “I just finished Samantha’s 14 day program to get off sugar. I’m free now for 30 days actually and I have to say she knows what she is talking about. You have to tweak it too, to your own body. I am fine… READ FULL STORY »
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